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Comprehensive Assessment

Comprehensive Assessment

Last medically reviewed by : August 25, 2021

We, at Bespoke Smile, believe that in order to truly understand our patients we need to spend quality time with them, getting to know them, and their experiences, along with their goals. We also believe that we must treat every patient as a full person, and not just a mouth. This is why we only deliver comprehensive consultations, and not just quick check-ups, for all new patients. This means we are able to tackle multiple dental issues, truly understand the fears, and help our patients.

How much does a comprehensive consultation cost?

Our first consultation with our patient care coordinator is free of charge, this allows you to discuss all concerns, and find answers to questions you may have about what is possible, and what costs are likely to be. Once we have determined the best route for you we are then able to arrange a consultation with the best dentist for your specific situation. We believe that like private healthcare, high-level dentistry should involve patients seeing the best dentist for each item. This means you don’t ever see a jack of all trades.