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Fixed braces

braces are fast and effective

Fixed Clear Braces: What to Expect


One of the most popular choices for teeth straightening in the orthodontic world.

This is because they provide one of the most reliable and predictable results, where patients can ensure they will achieve their desired results and dream smiles.

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What exactly are fixed braces?

  • Fixes teeth that are severely overcrowded 
  • Targets even the deepest overbites and overjets
  • Corrects abnormal eruptions of teeth

Consisting of small brackets, fixed braces use ceramic, tooth-coloured wires that are cemented to your teeth.

The traditional version of fixed braces is usually crafted from metal, although new and more preferred versions of fixed braces include ceramic versions.

Fixed braces are known to move teeth in a very precise and accurate manner, which means it is one of the most common types of braces for both teenagers and adults.

How do they work?

They slowly move your teeth to the correct position whilst applying gentle pressure. 

The small brackets are bonded to your teeth and then connect with a wire.

It’s this wire that is used to create tension, which will put your teeth into proper alignment. 

Patients can expect to meet with our orthodontist every four or ten weeks, where we will check your braces and make any relevant adjustments. 

Over this period we will steadily and regularly tighten and change the wires (all included in the price) so we ensure that your teeth are moving in the right direction. 

Our orthodontist might also prescribe springs or elastic bands if the straightening process needs extra help. 

Clear braces parts:

  • Arch wire
  • Band
  • Bracket
  • Elastic ligature
  • Power chain
  • Separator
  • Buccal tube

Treatment times, procedure and benefits

One of the most asked questions we receive from our patients is “how long will I have to wear my braces for?”

Unfortunately, there is no real clear answer to this. Orthodontic problems are treated on a case-by-case basis.

This is because each bite problem really is unique to the individual and the more severe the issue, the longer it might take to correct.

However, looking at the averages of patients we have treated in our clinic, brace treatments are often completed within 12 months.

Some results have been achieved within a month concerning cases that involve just the front teeth.

For patients who want to be considered for cosmetic braces, which are known to shorten straightening times we advise booking an orthodontic consultation to explore your options. 

Does the procedure hurt?

We can understand that many patients may feel anxious not only about the look of their braces but how they feel too.

It must be understood that fixed braces have advanced considerably, especially with the emergence of tooth-coloured wires. 

Patients can expect to feel a little discomfort whilst they get used to their braces and with them being tightened, but this is quickly overcome. 

Why fixed braces? See the advantages

  • Offers easy-to-see predictable results (this is mainly because patients do not have the option to remove them)
  • Tooth-coloured wires take away the stigma surrounding metal wires

Ceramic braces on the front of the teeth

In some cases where teeth have significant crowding or a misaligned bite ‘traditional’ or tooth coloured braces may be the best option.

Traditional braces have benefits too when compared to Invisalign as they are able to move teeth significantly faster and can be less expensive.

They are still most commonly used when patients have a significant bite or crowding issues that they want to resolve quickly.

Braces have had significant technological advances from the historic “metal mouth” look and we can now use tooth colour braces and elastics, which make the appearance of these braces far more subtle.

What’s the process for getting Fixed Braces?


At your first appointment, we take our time to really understand the goals from all sides.

This will include talking to you (a rarity at a dentist, we know!) but we genuinely believe the first step is understanding all of your concerns – are you worried about the discomfort, the time, the aesthetics of needing to wear braces? Our dentists want to know and we will factor that into the assessment.

Then we move onto a detailed health assessment of each tooth, your gums and bite. We check for any speech or chewing issues as well – often small health issues can be fixed at the same time as cosmetic braces.

We will explain in detail (and in simple English!) what the treatment plan will entail, how long it will take and help you make any decisions required.

These plans are tailored based on patient requirements – for example, we often have people getting married soon who choose to split the treatment to do the ‘more important’ bit first. That’s ok – we understand and we work around you – it’s your smile after all!

Application process:

  • Clean the surface and apply a bond to the teeth
  • Place the tooth coloured bracket onto the tooth
  • Insert the white archwire and secure it with clear elastics

Fixed braces before and after

crooked teeth made straight in half the time

cosmetic braces before and after

image0 2

Cosmetic teeth straightening

What type of braces works the fastest?

Fixed braces are not just your only option – there are many more innovative and impressive techniques that can achieve miracle results.

  • Invisalign (removable braces): Invisalign typically takes 12 months to complete and uses a set of discreet, invisible and clear aligners that straighten teeth accurately and comfortably. The clear aligners are removable and can be taken out to eat, drink and cleaning. However, they will need to be worn at least 22 hours a day! 
  • Lingual braces: Another type of fixed braces, lingual braces are attached to the teeth with brackets, however, they differ because they are attached to the inside surface of your teeth rather than on the front like traditional braces. This means that they are virtually invisible and are connected and attached to the inside of teeth.

Fixed braces cost

Adjustments, all visits, fixed and removable retainers to hold teeth in place for the long term.

Our fixed brace prices start from £2,750, which is a very cost-effective option for patients looking to straighten their teeth affordably.

Compared to other procedures, which can cost more than other cosmetic dental practices, this treatment provides transformative results at a great price, offering our patients great value for money.

Our Invisalign costs also begin from £2,750 so choosing the right system for you and your condition can be discussed at length during a consultation with our specialist orthodontists.

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