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Invisalign and Invisalign Braces

Invisalign is one of the best teeth straighteners

One of Invisalign’s Chosen Clinics: Invisible Orthodontics & Braces

Invisalign is specifically designed to suit and fit your life, not interrupt it or get in the way.

What’s great about Invisalign is that patients see results quickly and within just a few weeks, you will be able to notice the progress and enjoy your smile as it transforms and evovles.

How does it work?

Conditions Invisalign treats effectively:

  • Crooked and overcrowded teeth
  • Overbites, overjets and underbites
  • Narrow and gapped smiles

Using a series of custom made aligners designed to fit comfortably and snuggly in your mouth, these removable braces straighten teeth in steps.

Every few weeks or so you will swap out your clear aligner set for a new one that will move your teeth into its next phase of realignment.

Invisalign Video Overview:

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Invisalign FAQ’s:

How expensive is Invisalign?

Prices for Invisalign tend to offer patients great value for money. This is because there is a lot included within the cost that will see patients all the way through their consultation to their aftercare.

Our Invisalign costs begin from £3,000, which is very cost-effective when compared to less discreet and longer brace systems.

The cost of Invisalign can be spread over a period of 12/24 months with interest-free payments. Get 0% Finance.

Can you get Invisalign on the NHS?

Invisalign are considered a cosmetic brace option, this is because it focuses on the aesthetic appeal of your mouth as well as correcting your oral foundation and alignment.

Invisalign is not available on the NHS, and in many cases generally, adults do not receive funding from the NHS for any orthodontic treatment.

However, in the case where a patient may need extreme and urgent orthodontic work, the NHS might offer you traditional metal braces.

What is the best age to get Invisalign?

Due to its invisible and removable properties, Invisalign is perfectly matched for adults and young professionals looking to correct bite and misalignment problems quickly, accurately and affordably.

However, this has lead many people to believe that the treatment is designed solely for adult orthodontic patients.

Invisalign is safe to use on children, even as their smile grows. According to the official Invisalign website, children aged 10 would be suitable for the treatment.

Do I need to wear the aligners all the time?

You will need to wear your aligners for the most part of the day – this means wearing them for 22 hours.

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Why Invisalign?

Invisalign is now one of the most popular teeth straightening systems in the UK. Having used Invisalign to straighten patients smiles for many years, we can see why!

Dr Lydia in particular thinks Invisalign is often the precise right answer for patients, especially adult patients wanting to straighten their teeth or improve their bite.

Key benefits of Invisalign are:

  • Almost invisible: A great option if you want to be subtle or are concerned about having metal braces due to their conspicuous appearance.
  • Very comfortable: Compared to traditional metal braces the aligners are incredibly comfortable and are cut away from your gums to protect your mouth health.
  • Removable: This offers huge flexibility making it easier to clean and maintain your teeth as well as ease of eating and drinking.
  • Predictable: Due to the advanced innovation with Invisalign it is easy to be very confident in the end result and able to know how long the treatment will take without having to come back to the dentist too often.
  • Whitening: The same aligners can be used for teeth whitening so you won’t need any extra moulds taken for whitening! Amazing right?

What is the process for getting Invisalign?

At your first appointment, we take our time to really understand the goals from all sides.

This will include talking to you (a rarity at a dentist, we know!) but we genuinely believe the first step is understanding all of your concerns – are you worried about the discomfort, the time, the aesthetics of needing to wear braces…? Our dentists want to know and we will factor that into the assessment

Then we move onto a detailed health assessment of each tooth, your gums and bite. We check for any speech or chewing issues as well – often small health issues can be fixed at the same time as cosmetic braces.

We will explain in detail (and in simple English!) what the treatment plan will entail, how long it will take and help you make any decisions required.

These plans are tailored based on patient requirements – for example, we often have people getting married soon who choose to split the treatment to do the ‘more important’ bit first. That’s ok – we understand and we work around you – it’s your smile after all!

Invisalign cost: What our prices include

  • Specialist managed treatment
  • Invisalign treatment co-ordinator
  • Your set of removable aligners
  • Fixed and removable retainers
  • At-home whitening solutions
  • Hygiene session
  • Aftercare help and guidance
  • All your trays

Read more about associated dental costs.

Monthly payments can begin from as little as little as £52.06 a month. 

Patients can expect interest-free payments up to 24 months.

Calculate your monthly cost for our cosmetic treatments here. Or learn more about our finance options here.

See Invisalign’s miracles: Before and after results

cosmetic braces before and after
invisalign is easy and fast

Dr Lydia Sharples (Committee Chair at The British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry) oversees the majority of our Invisalign cases.

We would like to point out that whilst we are confident that other practices are legitimate, it is to our knowledge that perhaps not every provider has the exact expertise or confidence to take on the more difficult and complex orthodontic cases.

So, if you’ve been told “no” before, let us know – we might be able to help.

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