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Cosmetic Contouring

Last medically reviewed by : August 25, 2021

Tooth Contouring: How Cosmetic Teeth Reshaping Works

Address Minor Chips or Alter Tooth Shape

It’s amazing how quickly and how little it takes to rectify minor problems with your smile. 

For our patients who have issues with either their tooth shape or texture, whether it’s for an individual tooth or for a few, we can solve this with cosmetic contouring.

A simple procedure completed with minimal discomfort, patients can make changes to their tooth shape, whether it’s sculpting, lengthening or even shortening them.

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Make a huge difference to your smile

  • Fix minor chips on the teeth edge
  • Correct minor crowding

award-winning dental practiceCosmetic contouring can be used to reshape teeth, which are often crammed together or uneven.

The procedure will make teeth appear more evenly aligned.

In cases where patients want to reduce the amount of tooth and alter the shape, we would use a sandpaper disc to shape the tooth, which will cause no damage but simply alter the overall appearance of the tooth.

Advanced cosmetic dentists can also make teeth shorter using diamond burs or strips to carefully trim and narrow teeth.

In other situations where patients may wish to add shape or length to their tooth, we would apply composite resin material and sculpt directly onto the tooth.

This is often the ideal procedure for minor fractures or missing tooth fragments as no anaesthesia is required. Read more.

See tooth contouring before and afters.


  • Teeth can be reshaped in around 30 minutes
  • No nerves in the enamel mean no pain
  • A permanent procedure that often requires no additional treatments
  • Administered by professional and experienced cosmetic dentists
  • Requires just one appointment

Tooth contouring cost

highly rated cosmetic dentist clinicOnly offered by private cosmetic dentists, the procedure is not free on the NHS, this is because it is considered an aesthetic improvement rather than a threat to oral health.

See the full list of NHS services here.

We charge from £350 for this procedure. 

Other ways to pay include 0% finance, for patients considering paying for this procedure with dental insurance, you would have to check with your private health provider.

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As these procedures are permanent and non-reversible without correcting with pricier cosmetic treatments like veneers, it’s important to choose the right dentist with the right credentials. 

It’s important to take care of your teeth and oral health, so opting for a dentist you can trust is essential.

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