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get your teeth done just before your wedding

Make Your Smile More Attractive Before The Big Day!

Is one of the biggest days of your life approaching? The caterer may be booked and the rings may be purchased – but what about you?

We understand that a bride on her wedding day wants to look her absolute best – and we can’t blame you as all eyes will be on you on the day!

So, whether you’re looking to correct small imperfections like chips and cracks, or an entire smile makeover; we’ve got fast and non-evasive cosmetic dental procedures to help you look and feel your best.

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Fix my smile in time: Treatments to suit your wedding timeline

Find your oral condition below and see what our amazing, Instagram famous cosmetic dentist; Dr Sam Jethwa has to say…

Yellow, discoloured or stained teeth:

yellow teeth

  • Recommended procedure: Teeth whitening (Zoom, boutique, or enlighten whitening)
  • Treatment length: Instant – often taking place in one or two appointments. We would advise patients to seek out this treatment 2-4 weeks before the wedding for the best results.
  • Cost: Single arch: £270 / upper and lower teeth: £375

Brides and patients who want to rejuvenate their look, freshen their smiles and look younger can turn to instant and professional teeth whitening options.

Choosing to whiten your teeth with a dentist can actually save our patients time and money. 

As at-home whitening kits can be ineffective and costly, we always advise patients to seek this treatment from professionals who can guarantee their teeth to be lightened by several shades.

This is particularly useful for patients who suffer from naturally darker teeth, who are disappointed with at-home kits and treatments.

Learn more about our teeth whitening procedures here.

Compare the results between at-home whitening kits and our more effective lightening agents:

  • At-home systems contain from 6% to 16% peroxide
  • In-office systems contain from 30% peroxide

See source here.

Cracked, chipped or broken teeth:

cracked and chipped smiles

  • Recommended procedure: Porcelain veneers
  • Treatment length: Over three appointments including your consultation. We would advise undergoing this procedure two months before the wedding.
  • Cost: From £850

With this treatment, you have the ability to craft your own smile. 

What’s great about our porcelain veneer treatment is that your smile and porcelain shells are handcrafted by one of the UK’s most recommended dentist; Dr Sam Jethwa.

Porcelain veneers can treat a wide variety of oral concerns from bite problems to discolouration making them great value for money.

Applied to the front surface of the tooth, they offer patients a pain-free and non-invasive solution for gummy, crooked and broken smiles.

Our veneers procedures are highly-rated (view reviews here), and our wise and wonderful cosmetic dentists are widely considered to be one of the best in veneer applications. 

Learn more about veneers here.

Gappy or disproportionate smiles:

gapped smiles

  • Recommended procedure: Composite bonding
  • Treatment length: Immediate (one appointment). We recommend undergoing this procedure a month before your big day.
  • Cost: From £200

For patients who are unhappy with their smiles but may not feel ready to take the leap for veneers, composite bonding offers a temporary solution to cracks and chips which can last years.

Using a composite resin material, we sculpt directly onto the tooth, where we can change the tooth shape, close gaps and make your smile look a lot more polished. 

Learn more about composite bonding here.

Crooked teeth, misalignment and bite problems:

crooked teeth

  • Recommended procedure: Invisalign
  • Treatment length: This tooth straightening procedure is a lot faster than other brace systems – the average treatment lengths is a year, however, you can ask us about faster treatments and solutions such as instant orthodontics (we advise 12 months prior to the wedding).
  • Cost: From £2,950

Perfect for adults looking to straighten their teeth quickly, non-invasively and discreetly.

Invisalign has some great benefits, not only does it allow you to proceed with your treatment due to its invisible properties, but it straightens teeth twice the time as conventional metal braces.

Discover more about Invisalign here, or explore more of our cosmetic brace options

See our miracle results for yourself

wedding day smiles before and after
veneers before and after

Payment methods and plans

  • Upfront
  • Dental insurance (check with your provider)
  • Finance

For patients looking to spread the cost of their treatments, we offer 0% finance that allows you to make monthly interest-free payments.

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