Wedding Day Smiles

Last medically reviewed by Dr Sam Jethwa: August 17, 2020

We all know your wedding day is meant to be the best day of your life – a day when you smile all day! Many of our patients come to see us for help on looking their best for their wedding day.

Many of our patients come in wanting to replace missing teeth, straighten crooked teeth or simply brighten and whiten for the big day! We know there is, lots to do to prepare for a wedding but a smile is for life, not just your wedding. So, do make the time for it well in advance, the below is an estimated timeline of what we recommend before the big day (please note time frames can be considerably shorter so always get in touch to discuss!).

2-3 weeks – Teeth Whitening
3-4 weeks – Veneers
4-6 months – Implants
6 months+ – Invisalign Braces
12 months + – Traditional braces