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Dental Implant Costs

Last medically reviewed by : January 21, 2021

dental implants by Bespoke Smile Marlow

Funding Dental Implants: Cost & Finance

Dental implants are very strong titanium screws that are fixed into the jaw. 

A popular and effective tooth-replacement system, implants can be highly durable and are known for looking life-like and natural. 

The treatment can take three months to complete as a period of healing is needed to ensure the implant’s success.

From there, with the right aftercare and maintenance, your new set of teeth held securely by implants can last a lifetime. 

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Can anyone receive a dental implant?

Single Implants | Multiple Implants | Full Mouth Reconstruction | Immediate Implants

Due to the advanced dental technology of implants, they are suitable for a wide majority of patients.

However,  because implants are implanted directly into your jawbone, they require a sufficient amount of jawbone in order to be secure.

As a consequence of tooth loss is often bone loss, some patients may not immediately be a viable candidate.

Those who lack the required amount of bone to proceed often need to undergo a bone graft procedure first, which takes bone from other areas in the jaw.

How can I pay for dental implants?

Our dental implants costs:

Implant treatment is especially bespoke given the different requirements for each patient, and we would recommend a free consultation to determine each patient’s needs

  • Implant Fixture from £1500
  • Implant Crown or bridge from £1500


The NHS will only pay for dental implants when there is a medical need to proceed with the treatment, and since many implant cases are undertaken for cosmetic reasons it means that implants on the NHS are very rare.

If your face or teeth have become damaged due to accident, trauma or oral cancer, there is a chance your implant may be covered by the NHS.

However, these do not necessarily involve full mouth restorations.


There are many dental insurance plans that do not cover implants or major surgeries designed to replace missing teeth. 

But some insurance companies do include it, but it will really depend on your specific plan. In some instances, the insurance provider may pay a percentage, or for a certain amount of implants.


award-winning dental practiceYou can receive many large cosmetic, orthodontic and restorative treatments over £1,000 on 0% finance.

You will need to be over the age of 18 and have lived in the UK for the last three years.

You do not need to be a regular patient or even part of a membership plan.

Patients can have the choice of how to spread out their payments whether 12 months or 24. 

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Payment plans

Often in general dentistry, you can pay for treatments in instalments, these can also involve root canals and dental implants.

Speak to the clinic today to see if an arrangement can be made.

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Credit cards and VISAs are all accepted methods of payment.