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Replacement Teeth

Last medically reviewed by : August 25, 2021

Missing teeth can cause embarrassment from a cosmetic perspective, but also a functional problem during chewing. The good news is teeth can be replaced through many options including implants, bridges and dentures. Before deciding which option will suit you best, there are considerations to make such as:

Removable teeth or fixed teeth – most patients have strong views on whether they would prefer removable or fixed teeth and we are always happy to explain the pros and cons of both options.

Oral health – the health of surrounding teeth and gums will help us to choose an appropriate option to replace missing teeth – for example, if teeth have a higher risk of dental decay, it may be better to opt for removable teeth, which allow better cleaning of neighbouring teeth.

A number of missing teeth – if there are multiple teeth to replace, it can help us decide which option will be best suited for you, depending on the use and position and appearance of those teeth. All options for replacement teeth can be used to replace multiple teeth or single teeth.

Speed of treatment – different options can take different times to complete, we can replace teeth in a day, but some long term options can take time to ensure success for the future.

Protection of other teeth – in cases where the teeth either side of the gap are heavily built-up options for replacement can be more limited. In these cases, a denture would not be a suitable option and we would likely need to use a protective crown as part of the bridge to improve coverage for the teeth.

A desire to reduce treatment – dental implants are surgically inserted into the jawbone and can require additional surgical procedures. Some patients may prefer non-surgical options (for medical or personal reasons) therefore we always discuss the full suite of options with you.

We know finding a solution to missing teeth can feel very daunting and worrying. Here at Bespoke Smile, we offer FREE consultations for all replacement teeth queries where expertly qualified dentists can talk you through all of your options.