Full Mouth Reconstruction

The Bespoke Smile team are advanced expert clinicians and experienced in full mouth reconstruction. There are few dentists that are able to tackle this sort of case for patients, with predictability, and often patients are told things won’t last because they “grind their teeth” or “have a heavy bite.” We at The Bespoke Smile Academy teach dentists skills and pass on our knowledge to ensure more patients, other that just our own, can benefit from predictable and good quality full mouth rehabilitation’s without the need for constant replacement or redo work.

These are taken on a case by case basis and typically require a full consultation in order to understand current situation and therefore identify options.

Typically full mouth reconstruction will require us to create a tailored plan to re-create your bespoke smile. This can include a temporary solution (such as a Snap on Smile or Dentures) before multiple implants, crowns and bridges.

Our team are highly trained in helping nervous or recovering patients and supporting them through significant dental change. We focus on ensuring our patients understand their full suite of options and have immediate relief wherever possible.

At Bespoke Smile we are committed to providing the best possible options to ensure everyone can achieve their desired smile – no matter the starting point.

Page last updated and checked by Dr Sam Jethwa: February 20, 2020