Teeth in a day

Our experienced implant dental team can also use new technology to provide ‘teeth in a day’ which is also known as  Immediate Implants. This is where we extract failing teeth and insert the dental implant on the same day. This can where possible, allow individual teeth to be replaced, or multiple, or a full set of teeth.

On the day of the implant you will still have the dental implant surgically placed into your jawbone but with a provisional crown attached to it on the same day. This provisional crown is made of a very hard plastic material.

Why teeth in a day?

The benefits of teeth in a day are far-reaching and one of the obvious immediate requests from many of our patients with missing teeth.

With ‘teeth in a day’ you will have an aesthetically pleasing tooth restored immediately – whilst also restoring functionality (e.g. chewing and speaking) so that you can eat, smile and talk again with confidence. We do this by having our on-site dental technicians present as part of your treatment to construct the teeth while you are here, so there is no period of time where you need to be without teeth outside of the dental environment.

It is important to note that this technique can reduce the visits to the dentist but there will be options to replace the temporary smile, or temporary implant teeth, to permanent ones. You will need to return and replace the temporary teeth but many patients find it very reassuring to have a temporary in place for the weeks before the permanents can be placed.

Can I get Teeth In a Day?

A detailed clinical evaluation is always required to give the right options for you. Your dentist, like Dr Sam Jethwa will then be able to direct you towards the correct choice of tooth replacement treatment.

Typically, it is possible to complete a ‘teeth in a day’ treatment when there is already good quality bone to place implants into.

What if I have been told I do not have enough bone?

There is a technique known as ALL ON 4 treatment which allows us to place a full smile on 4 implants, and this can be done on patients who do not have a good quality bone. There is always a solution, which we can tailor for your exact situation.

In some cases if the bone is not strong enough then bone grafts may need to be considered to give the bone must be stable and supportive to allow biting and holding of a crown.

An important consideration is that this treatment requires advanced skills and techniques and must be handled only by expert clinicians. At Bespoke Smile we have highly trained dentists, surgeons, and a patient concierge team, who can help you with the selection process, complete implant treatment and support you through aftercare.

Page last updated and checked by Dr Sam Jethwa: August 17, 2020