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Teeth in a day

Last medically reviewed by : August 23, 2021

Fix Teeth in a Day | Same Day Teeth

Do you have missing teeth? Do you want to repair this issue quickly and in as little as just one appointment?

Teeth in a day might be the procedure that’s right for you. 

The immediate implant treatment takes just one day to the implant rather than three months suggested with the traditional implant procedure.

This means you can fully restore your smile in a fraction of the time, as well as saving money too!

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Transform your smile

The benefits of teeth in a day are far-reaching and one of the obvious immediate requests from many of our patients with missing teeth.

With ‘teeth in a day’ you will have an aesthetically pleasing tooth restored immediately – whilst also restoring functionality (e.g. chewing and speaking) so that you can eat, smile and talk again with confidence. 

We do this by having our on-site dental technicians present as part of your treatment to construct the teeth while you are here, so there is no period of time where you need to be without teeth outside of the dental environment.

The process

Having teeth in a day implanted describes the process where patients can have fully functioning teeth (implants) in the space of just one appointment. 

The treatment is very fast and simple with no need to wear temporary dentures.

Also known as All-on-Four, which uses four implants to support a provisional, securely fixed loaded arch of teeth.

This procedure is perfect for patients who have multiple missing teeth in both the upper and lower jaws.

How it works:

  • The dentist will take an impression of your jaw alongside an X-Ray, which will allow us to create a replica of your mouth to study
  • A CT scan may be necessary to identify if there is a sufficient amount of jaw bone available (unfortunately, patients with an insufficient amount of bone will not be suitable for this procedure without undergoing additional procedures like bone grafts. This can often be the case when patients ignore gaps in their mouth for more than six months).

Regular implants vs teeth in a day

Traditional implant procedures often require a healing process of around three months once the implant has been implanted securely into the jawbone. 

This is to ensure a period of osseointegration takes place, which allows the area to completely heal, giving the implant enough time to bond with the jaw before bearing any load.

Temporary restorations are often provided in this time so patients are not left with unsightly gaps, however, this is not necessary with teeth in a day. 

Due to the latest technological advances, it is completely possible to have missing teeth restored with an implant and crown, bridge or denture immediately, which means you can walk out of our implant clinic with a fully functioning smile.

The cost:

All-on-Four can be an attractive and affordable option for patients with many missing teeth, who wish to replace them all in one go.

Offering a cheaper alternative to individual implants, All-on-Four can be considerably cheaper, however, the final cost can be shared with you by a dentist after an evaluation of your condition has been carried out.

This is because other and additional procedures may be needed. See 0% finance .

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Why do many patients opt for same-day teeth?

  • Makes them feel more confident
  • Replaces multiple missing teeth quickly (immediately loaded)
  • Reduces anxiety and allows them to feel happier with their appearance
  • Better for their long-term oral health needs

Am I a good candidate for immediate fixed teeth?

dr sam jethwa - amazing cosmetic dentistTypically, it is possible to complete a ‘teeth in a day’ treatment when there is already good quality bone to place implants into.

A detailed clinical evaluation is always required to give the right options for you.

Your dentist, like Dr Sam Jethwa, will then be able to direct you towards the correct choice of tooth replacement treatment.

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