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The super-thin porcelain veneer option, fitted in just two sessions

Lumineers from Bespoke Smile

If you’re looking for a radiant and natural-looking smile transformation without the need for extensive tooth preparation, Lumineers could be the ideal solution. Lumineers are a brand of ultra-thin porcelain veneers designed to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your teeth with minimal alteration to your natural enamel.

At Bespoke Smile, our skilled cosmetic dentists are proud to offer dental Lumineers at the highest level of dental artistry. At just 0.2mm thickness, it doesn’t matter whether you’re dealing with discoloration, chips, gaps, or minor misalignments, Lumineers provide a versatile and minimally invasive option to achieve the smile you’ve always dreamed of.

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We offer 0% Finance

Whether you are looking for a single Lumineer, or are looking for an entirely new smile, we offer 0% finance plans for our Dental Lumineers to help you spread your payments for up to 24 months.

Trust the best for your Trial Smile

Our clinical lead, Dr Sam Jethwa places more than 1000 veneers each year, and is an internationally recognised lecturer on the subject, making him perfectly placed to fit your dental lumineers using his handmade Trial Smile method.

He has developed techniques that allow the highly-trained dentists at Bespoke Smile to use their considerable skill to design your perfect smile and fit your Lumineers to the highest standards available.

We accept referrals from dentists and word of mouth recommendations specifically for our hand-made trial smile technique, to help patients who are seeking a beautiful smile makeover with predictability, and without the complications. This technique is also what brings dentists from all over the world to learn at our Bespoke Smile Academy.

Benefits of Lumineers

Lumineers, a brand of ultra-thin porcelain veneers, offer several benefits for those looking to improve their smile:

  • Lumineers, an incredibly thin kind of veneer, are known for their minimal-prep or no-prep approach. Unlike traditional veneers, they require little to no removal of the natural tooth enamel.
  • Crafted from a thin and translucent porcelain material, Lumineers closely resemble natural tooth enamel, enhancing your smile without an artificial look.
  • Lumineers address a variety of cosmetic issues, including discolouration, chipping, cracks, gaps, and mild misalignments.
  • Designed to be reversible, Lumineers can be removed without causing significant damage to the underlying natural teeth.
  • When properly cared for, Lumineers can be durable and long-lasting.
  • The porcelain material used in Lumineers is resistant to stains, maintaining a bright and vibrant smile.
  • Dental Lumineers are custom-made to fit each tooth, contributing to their comfort and providing a seamless integration with your natural teeth.
  • The application of Lumineers typically involves a two-step process, resulting in a relatively efficient procedure.


For every patient, we offer comprehensive consultations so we can give you the time you need to go through every aspect of your dental health and desired outcomes. This includes full photography, x-rays, generous and advanced advice, treatment plans, and a full dental report.

Understanding if Lumineers Are Right For You

Knowing whether Lumineers are the right choice for you involves understanding your specific dental needs, cosmetic goals, and overall oral health. Lumineers are often chosen to address cosmetic issues such as tooth discolouration, chipping, cracking, gaps, or mild misalignments.

First, we’d recommend:

  1. A general oral health check-up
  2. An overview of your history and predisposition to gum disease
  3. A discussion around costs, your budget, and what veneer type is suitable for your needs
  4. The confirmation that you are willing to practise good hygiene post-treatment and attend check-ups!


Lumineers From
Bespoke Smile

Our clinical lead, Dr Sam Jethwa places over 1,000 veneers a year, and is an internationally recognised lecturer on the subject. He has developed techniques that allow our highly-trained dentists to use their considerable skill to design your perfect smile.

Our veneers are hand-designed by the dentist and all of our cosmetic
technicians and dentists have trained at the Bespoke Smile Academy to provide tailor-made results.

Sam is invited to lecture on the topic of ultra thin veneers internationally and Bespoke Smile Academy is the only place dentists can come to gain a post graduate diploma in porcelain veneers.

Smile Sculpting

Lumineers: The Trial Smile Way

Bespoke Smile’s Hand Made Trial Smile is a unique process that cannot be found elsewhere. This involves designing and fitting handmade temporary veneers ahead of the permanent veneer solution, to test the final result first, before we together decide on the final design.

Bespoke Smile’s temporary veneers are handcrafted from very hard plastic and composite materials, designed to replicate exactly what your new set of custom veneers will look like. Whenever we undertake veneer or implant dental work, we will use temporary veneers as part of the Trial Smile process to be sure you’re 100% happy with your results. You’ll then be fitted with permanent porcelain veneers once you’ve approved your final look.

Still unsure if Lumineers are right for you?

Find out everything you need to know in our comprehensive guide on Lumineers:

Patient Stories

Explore previous clients who have undertaken the process of sculpting their perfect smile.

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Gloria (Part 1)

Gloria had just beaten Cancer, and wasn’t going to let that stop her! Now was the time for her to find her “tooth faries” Dr Jethwa and Dr Semhi!


Gloria (Part 2)

One year ago, Gloria was told she needed to have all of her bottom teeth removed. Now she’s found Bespoke Smile who make her feel like she’s been “given a second chance”.

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