Happy Smiles

Discover stories from our previous patients

Regain confidence, forever

“I’ve had issues with my teeth since I was 9 years old, and I have always had problems and it’s always been a real insecurity of mine.

I actually got recommended by one of my clients, I saw her come in and her smile was just incredible. She was like, you have got to see Sam, he is the best”

Esther had always had confidence issues about her smile and suffered a lot of issues over the years with dentistry that left her teeth discoloured and misaligned. After a friend recommended Dr Sam Jethwa, Esther has finally found someone who understood her, and had the skills to change her smile, and her confidence forever.

Esther claims it is “the best money I’ve ever spent”.

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Looking to achieve the perfect smile for your wedding day?

Sophie and William Gale recently received cosmetic dentistry treatments by Dr Sam Jethwa ahead of their wedding day. 

Sophie says, ‘being confident with my smile made all the difference to me on my wedding day. I highly recommend Bespoke Smile to anyone considering cosmetic dentistry’.

How Bespoke Smile helped Gloria get her confidence back

“For me, getting a new smile, it’s like I’m taking my life back. They have saved my teeth. They have saved my smile. They have saved me.”

A year before she came to Bespoke Smile, Gloria was told she would need to have all her bottom teeth removed. Get a behind-the-scenes look as Dr Sam Jethwa and Dr Gurs Sehmi speak to Gloria about how they’re going to craft her perfect smile.

Discover how Dental Veneers can resolve bite issues and worn down teeth

“I have an unusual bite and my teeth are very worn down from where they should be. Although my dentist, if it were a simpler case, would have been able to rectify with composite bonding or something similar, in my case he recommended me to come here.

Because in his opinion, Sam is the best person around to carry out the work.”

Having undergone cancer treatment, Marlon was now looking to focus on his smile. We spoke to Marlon about the work he had done, how it’s changed his life, and why he chose Bespoke Smile and Dr Sam Jethwa.

Sophie's Signature Smile: Transformed

“I have had veneers in the past and I’m not happy with them, so I’m here to have them replaced.”

Sophie has worked with Dr Sam Jethwa since 2016, and together they’ve placed thousands of veneers. Unhappy with her current veneers, Sophie is getting a Signature Smile using Dr Sam’s Smile Sculpting techniques. 

Dental Veneers for peace of mind

“I had a problem with my teeth as a child, the health of them was not good and my confidence was super affected by that. I wanted to feel feminine, attractive and glamorous, but instead, I felt very shy, withdrawn and insecure.

I had seen good deals in Turkey, but I didn’t want to risk the health of my teeth or substandard work. I was told my teeth were beyond help, it was obviously very upsetting to hear. 

I read how Sam could specialise in nervous patients, and I felt nervous given what I had been through. I instantly felt that he was a very calm and quietly confident man. I feel like he understands that people are so emotionally attached to their teeth and their smile, and he wants their journey to be one that isn’t traumatic. 

It’s given me a new peace of mind I haven’t had before.”

Having had bad experiences with dentists previously, Milly has spent a long time researching dentists and was even willing to go abroad to fix her smile before finding Dr Sam Jethwa of Bespoke Smile, who she’d heard specialised in nervous patients.

How the Trial Smile reveals confidence

“Before I came here my smile was hidden. I didn’t really used to smile a lot at all, and you certainly couldn’t see my teeth when I smiled. Now I feel an awful lot more confident, I want to show my teeth. I feel really happy with them and every time I do smile it reminds me of a really good feeling.”

Having heard the great experiences members of his family had, Matt decided to with Bespoke Smile unique Handmade Trial Smile, having 10 veneers fitted during the procedure. He’s ‘thrilled with the end result’ and can now smile with confidence!

Dental Veneers for Ru Paul's Drag Race UK Star, Cheryl Hole

“The work that Sam has created is God-like. He is a genius. I have no words to say, so the only thing I can do right now is smile!”