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Why veneers?

Veneers are one of the fastest and most durable ways to transform specific teeth or an entire smile. Due to advanced technology (at Bespoke Smile we only use super-thin veneers) we are able to be very non-invasive and have trained our artistic ceramists, to produce veneers that are only 0.5mm thin, this makes this treatment the gold standard in terms of beauty, longevity, and protection.

Typically veneers are used to create a more even smile, and are also used ‘non-cosmetically’ to strengthen weakened or chipped teeth in some cases and they can correct multiple issues at once. Such as:

  • Worn Teeth
  • Filled Teeth
  • Uneven Teeth
  • Teeth that stick inwards
  • Big teeth
  • Discoloured Teeth
  • Crooked Teeth
  • Teeth that stick out
  • Small teeth
  • Gappy Teeth

As we are coating the natural tooth with the veneer – we create an even smile with stronger and whiter teeth.



What are veneers?

It is a thin layer around the natural tooth, and is produced in a customised shape based on the smile design, which we would create bespoke for each patient.

Veneers can be made of composite resin or porcelain – this will depend entirely on analysis and assessment of your teeth

The veneer typically provides a new front surface for the tooth – as the materials are extremely versatile they can be used to change the shape, texture, position, of the tooth (or several teeth). This results in natural looking teeth.

Why our veneers?

Our clinical lead, Dr Sam Jethwa places over 1000 veneers a year for his lucky patients, and is an internationally recognised lecturer on the subject. He has developed techniques, which artistically allows the dentist to design the smile using their immense skill and artistic flair, so that the dentist is in control of the aesthetics, with the patients input.

Traditionally, and commonly, the smile design is left to laboratory technicians who have never met the patient, or assessed their needs, and facial features. Our veneers are hand designed by the dentist, themselves, and all our cosmetic technicians and dentists have been trained by the Bespoke Smile Academy, and can provide this tailor made result.

What materials do you use?

At Bespoke Smile we use a variety of types of veneer, some brands of veneer include:

  • Lumineers
  • Ultra Thin Veneers
  • Emax Veneers
  • Laminate Veneers
  • Composite Veneers

We have developed our own blend of stunning porcelain with our master ceramists and dental laboratory technicians, which will remain consistent for 10-20+ years if maintained with regular hygienist visits and annual dental check ups.

Our top dentists are expertly trained in veneers and use the right materials and cosmetic treatment options to ensure that your smile ends up being uniform, straight, even and consistently strong.

We guarantee porcelain restorations for 3 years, and our dentists provide this type of dentistry routinely, so we are confident our restorations and materials are of the top quality.


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