Assessment and Planning

At your first appointment, we take our time to really understand the goals from all sides.

This will include talking to you (a rarity at a dentist, we know!) but we genuinely believe the first step is understanding all of your concerns – are you worried about the pain, the time, the end result. Our dentists want to know and we will factor that into the assessment.

Then we move onto a detailed health assessment of each tooth, your gums and bite. We check for any speech or chewing issues as well – often small health issues can be fixed at the same time as a cosmetic treatment.

Dental veneers procedure at Bespoke

We then complete a Cosmetic Smile Analysis, which might include scans and photographs to understand the full detail across all teeth.

Using advanced digital smile design software or artistic drawings, our experienced dentists can quickly show you a preview of your smile makeover so you can see the results you will be aiming for.

We will explain in detail (and in simple English!) what the treatment plan will entail, how long it will take and help you make any decisions required.

These plans can often be tailored based on patient requirements – for example, we often have people getting married soon who choose to split the treatment to do the ‘more important’ bit first. That’s ok – we understand life and we work around you – it is your smile after all!

We will hand-design a bespoke trial smile made of composite resin on the teeth you wish to improve, and provide a gum lift and shaping using our pain-free laser technology. This technique is rarely offered by cosmetic dentists as it is extremely difficult to do; but has been around for many years, our dentists are internationally trained and highly experienced in this totally bespoke technique.