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What are Veneers?

Last medically reviewed by : August 24, 2021

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Veneer Guide

At Bespoke Smile, we know how difficult it can be to live with teeth you are not happy with.

If you dislike your smile, this can have a detrimental impact in many more areas of your life beyond the simple issue of your appearance.

A lot of our patients express a desire to reshape their smile because their self-consciousness is impacting their confidence, social life, relationships, and even their career. 

Our accomplished team of dental experts and smile-enthusiasts, believe that life is too short to put off making the changes you know will improve your happiness.

That is why we are committed to creating bespoke, one of a kind dental treatments for our patients, both new and loyal.

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Are you unhappy with your smile?

If you suffer from insecurities regarding your teeth, there are several options available depending on your specific concerns. 

An increasingly popular smile-enhancing method is veneers.

Veneers are thin, custom-made porcelain fittings that are bonded onto the front surface of the tooth.

They are used as a treatment method for several issues including:

Veneers provide a fast and effective solution for those who want a guaranteed, long-lasting results.

The colour and shape of the veneers can be adjusted and altered to help you achieve the perfect smile, whether that is a subtle, naturally appealing smile, or a pearly-white, Hollywood-style grin.

How are veneers made?

Veneers can be made using porcelain or resin composite materials.

Although there are a variety of pros and cons for both types (including cost, sustainability, personal preference etc) generally porcelain veneers are the most popular choice. 

Porcelain veneers resist stains better than resin veneers and can more easily mimic the light reflecting properties of natural teeth, meaning they often look more natural. 

The process of manufacturing veneers is an art that can only be perfected over years of practice.

At Bespoke Smile, our dental team has designed and fitted thousands of veneers, which means we have an immense amount of experience behind us and can guarantee the results you desire. 

We create hand-designed porcelain veneers, uniquely designed for each patient’s teeth, facial structure, and desires.

We apply our veneers using minimal contact with the teeth.

In doing so we challenge the traditional disadvantage that can put people off getting veneers; the fear that too much of the teeth will be filed away during the preparation stage. 

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It is a common misconception that veneers are used solely for cosmetic purposes.

Will my teeth need to be shaved?

Whether you require a dental crown to repair or preserve a damaged tooth, or you want to improve your smile with veneers, the teeth underneath will most likely need to be reshaped to some extent. 

If you want the veneers to fit naturally, some additional space will need to be made in the mouth so that the veneers can fit comfortably.

However, it is usually only a thin layer of enamel that needs to be shaved away.

The main thing is to ensure that the tooth structure is reduced in size so that the crown can fit perfectly between the teeth. 

What happens to teeth under veneers?

To avoid damage to the teeth, it is important that you choose to have your veneer treatment with a dental practice you are comfortable with and whose work you know is reputable.

A dentist, for example, who has less experience may drill away too much enamel or may fit the wrong size of teeth for your mouth. 

One advantage of veneers is that the teeth underneath will be protected from staining – so you do not have to worry about the effects of foods and drinks like coffee and red wine! 

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Who are the ideal candidates?

As mentioned, veneers are a suitable treatment for targeting multiple dental issues. 

However, there are some categories a reputable dentist will require you to meet before agreeing to carry out the treatment. 

Some factors that determine your suitability include:

  • The health of teeth: If you currently suffer from (or have previously suffered) intense decay or gum disease, covering this with a veneer will not treat the issue and it is important to ensure your teeth are strong enough before commencing with treatment. 
  • Hygiene: Regardless of what treatment(s) you are having done, hygiene is always a vital factor. If you are considering getting veneers, but you haven’t had a cleaning in a while, it is recommended you do this first to make sure your teeth are in the best possible condition.
  • Age: Usually, anyone over the age of 18 can get veneers, however, this should be subject to an initial oral check-up with your chosen dental practice. 
  • Finances: At Bespoke Smile we offer 0% finance to help make our treatments more accessible to all.

Why choose us?

At Bespoke Smile, we aim to be the best dental practice in the UK.

Our everyday conduct is in line with this vision. 

We consistently put our patients first and successfully combine true, unmatched dental expertise with a collaborative approach to transform lives through the power of excellent quality dentistry. 

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What our previous patients say…

“An easy 5-star review earned by the fabulous staff at Bespoke Smile today! Like many others it seems, I hadn’t been to a dentist in years and had built up quite a fear of going. (…) (The Bespoke staff) explained the process from start to finish and it was all SO much better than I expected, the procedure was pain-free and we even had a few laughs along the way! I’ve gone from being absolutely terrified to looking forward to my next appointment – I would 1000% recommend Bespoke Smile and thank everybody there for a really positive experience!”

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