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Free Oral Cancer Screening

Last medically reviewed by : August 17, 2020

What is oral cancer screening?

Given the rise in all forms of cancer, we consider it our responsibility to protect and screen for any form of mouth cancer. This includes cancers of the lips, gum, mouth, tongue, through, oropharynx and vocal cords.

5 people die from oral cancers every day with mouth cancer being the single largest. At Bespoke Smile we believe all dentists have a duty of care to ensure early detection as this gives you the best chance to fight against cancer.

While most cancers have improved in identification and mortality rates – in the past 5 years mouth cancer has not improved and we, at Bespoke Smile are a proud part of the fight against cancer.

What is involved in Cancer Screening?

The assessment is completely pain-free and the dentist will use the most relevant examination method to ensure a full examination and detection of any abnormalities.

The examination will include:

  • Visual examination – all of our dentists are trained annually in signs of Oral Cancer and able to use their professional knowledge (and your previous medical history and scans) to detect for any abnormalities.
  • Advanced blue light technology – occasionally our dentists use Advanced Fluorescence Technology to check any oral tissues as the blue light stimulates the oral tissues to help detect any disease that isn’t visible to the naked eye.