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Lasers have been used in dentistry for some time, in recent years they have become much more accessible and routine for us at Bespoke Smile. Our dentists use lasers to avoid patients from having surgery, and this keeps treatments quick, and pain free, with minimal to zero healing time.

What treatments are possible using a dental laser?

There are many procedures, which can be treated with a laser rather than a knife or a drill. Below are our two most common laser procedures:

Gum Lift – A gum lift is a procedure we perform extremely frequently, almost daily. Often this is part of a wider smile makeover treatment, but the procedure can be performed on its own also. A gum lift or gum contouring can improve the shapes of the gum line, and match it to the opposite side, to improve symmetry in the smile. It can also make a huge difference to the shape of the teeth, and it is a painless procedure, which also requires no healing time, and involves no bleeding. This can also be used to restore teeth with crowns, which would not usually be possible to save if the dentist was not able to use a laser.

Gum Depigmentation – Removing pigment from the surface of the gums to bring back a pink gum colour, can make a huge difference to patients who do not like the darkness of their gums. This procedure would usually require invasive surgery and weeks of healing time and pain, but with a laser, we can remove this pigment with minimal discomfort and almost no healing time.

How many visits does it take?

This will depend on how deep the pigment lesions are, perhaps complete our free smile quiz and we can try and give you a better idea. On average 1-3 sessions is enough.

How long do the results last?

Depigmentation is known to last up to approximately 8 years. Should it return, the process is very simple to carry out for patients in the hands of a skilled dentist, and can be redone without any long-term side effects.