Nervous Patients

It is extremely common to have fears of dentistry, dental anxiety and phobias can be related to many factors. Everyone is unique and has different reasons for their anxieties, such as:

  • Noise
  • Smell
  • Fear of Pain
  • Worries about the unknown
  • Injections
  • Previous experiences
  • Fear of being judged

We at Bespoke Smile, believe that everyone has the right to a great smile and a healthy mouth, for the long term. Our dentists and support staff are very experienced in caring for patients who have not seen a dentist for many years, and/or has fears about dentistry. We are empathetic to all our patients concerns, and want every patient to feel that they are valued, and never judged.


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Laser Dentistry

What can we do to help nervous patients?

Lasers can help to reduce the discomfort of treatments, because we can avoid using tools to cut gum, or avoid using drills. This means noise, pain, and healing time is greatly reduced.

Calming therapy

There are non medical, and non drug related calming therapies we can use to calm patients who may be anxious about their treatment. We can provide special sound therapy which is proven to settle nerves, and this provides patients with the confidence to proceed with the treatment with ease.

Pain reducing injection techniques

There are techniques that dentists can use to deliver injections in a more painless way, and we can use special numbing gels on the gums to ensure that the point of injection is as comfortable as possible. Using smaller needles can help hugely to reduce discomfort and allow comfortable numbing of the areas. Often due to how minimal our dentistry can be, we use techniques which often mean we do not need to give injections at all.

Care and support staff

Our caring and wonderfully calming support staff are trained in communication techniques, and will stay beside you through the process. From the first step to the end of the process, our wonderful team will be there to support, and guide patients through their journeys.


There are situations where we may invite our sedation team to help with safe sedation, which can allow patients to be in a very relaxed state. This option requires patients to bring a chaperone with them to help them with their journeys to and from the clinic.

Relaxing environment

We enjoy working in a relaxed, spa like environment, and we think patients should experience dentistry without it feeling like a dentist. We use specific scents and lighting, along with music and soft touches which can help patients to drift away from the classic dental clinic experience and help to reduce their anxiety.


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