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10 Celebs You’d Hardly Know Had Striking Teeth Makeovers – Contrasting Pics

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  • 10 stars in their respective fields, from sports, and acting, to singers, turned their charmingly imperfect smiles into dazzling assets.
  • Top dentists weighed in on the remarkable dental makeovers that these stars underwent.
  • Before and after pictures show the dramatic changes behind their now-stunning smiles.

From subtle adjustments to dramatic overhauls, the dental transformations of celebrities such as David Beckham, Megan Fox, and eight others are nothing short of astonishing.

While leading experts gave insight into how these A-listers got their picture-perfect smiles, before and after pictures show the drastic changes – from braces and implants to veneers and whitening.

Zac Efron: From Teen Heartthrob to Hollywood Icon

Zac Efron, known for his breakout role in “High School Musical,” has undergone a notable transformation in his dental aesthetics over the years.

During his younger years, Efron’s smile had a gap between his two front teeth. They call this gap a diastema. His teeth were generally straight. But, the gap made an illusion of crookedness. Minor overlaps on the upper right side exacerbated this issue.

The shape of his front teeth also seemed wider and shorter than the rest. This made him look more youthful and less refined.

The actor’s smile has since significantly enhanced. His teeth are now perfectly aligned, with the gap closed and the overall shape more symmetrical and neat.

The transformation resulted in a polished and aesthetically pleasing appearance that complements his mature and sophisticated look.

Leading cosmetic dental expert and celebrity dentist Dr. Sam Jethwa of Bespoke Smile provides insights into Efron’s dental transformation.

To achieve this transformation, Dr. Jethwa suggested that Efron probably underwent composite bonding. He also says that without composite bonding, Efron’s veneers would have been ultra-thin.

They also would have been on the upper front four teeth. This is because the shape of the canine teeth remains the same. “His new smile is natural, and in keeping with his facial features,” Dr. Jethwa notes.

Keith Urban: A Striking Smile Transformation

In his youth, Keith Urban had a charming smile. But, it revealed many dental imperfections. His teeth were notably misaligned, with prominent gaps and uneven spacing.

The most striking feature is the big gap between his two front teeth. It’s endearing, but far from the flawless smiles we often see today.

The mature and confident country singer we know and love today displays a dramatically different smile. His teeth are now perfectly aligned, with a uniformity that enhances his overall facial aesthetics.

The gaps have since been expertly closed. The teeth, once uneven, are now straight and the right size. Urban’s new smile is radiant. It exudes a polished, professional look and complements his status as a famous country music star.

David Beckham: From Athlete to Iconic Smile

A young David Beckham was often seen with several dental imperfections. His teeth were notably crooked. They were crowded and unevenly spaced. This was especially true for his upper teeth.

His teeth looked less polished. This contributed to a more rugged and less refined look. Nowadays, Beckham’s smile is noticeably different.

His teeth are perfectly aligned, brighter, and more uniform in shape. The change makes him look clean, polished, and pleasing. It improves his look as a sophisticated and well-groomed public figure.

According to top dentist Dr. Anmar Alhussaini of the Paramount Medical Centre, “David Beckham has undergone various dental procedures to enhance the appearance of his teeth.”

Dr. Alhussaini believed that these likely included teeth whitening. They also included straightening, veneers, and bonding. “Teeth whitening is one of the most straightforward and common cosmetic dental procedures,” he explained.

Beckham’s teeth look straighter now than they did in the nineties. But, he was never seen publicly wearing braces. Dr. Sahil Patel of the Marylebone Smile Clinic suspects that Beckham underwent some realignment of his teeth.

“David Beckham suffered from crooked teeth in his youth — in particular, his upper teeth were crowded, meaning there wasn’t enough space for them,” he explained.

Dr. Alhussaini added, “Beckham likely underwent orthodontic treatment, such as braces or clear aligners, to correct misaligned or crooked teeth.”

Despite the improvements, Beckham’s teeth retain the shape they had in his younger years. This suggests that he may have also chosen bonding over veneers. This subtle approach allows for fixing imperfections. It also keeps a natural look.

Kirsten Dunst: Embracing Natural Beauty

Kirsten Dunst’s smile journey is a fascinating tale of embracing one’s unique features in the face of Hollywood’s beauty standards. In her younger years, the actress displayed a smile that was distinctively hers.

Her teeth were slightly uneven and were not perfectly aligned. Yet, they added to her charming and approachable look. The slight imperfections gave her a relatable and real look, which has always been part of her on-screen persona.

Interestingly, during the production of Tobey Maguire’s “Spider-Man,” where Dunst was set to play the iconic role of Mary Jane Watson, a significant moment occurred.

At 19, poised for stardom in the $130 million comic-book adaptation, a producer once took her to a dentist without prior notice, suggesting she fix her teeth to enhance her on-screen appeal.

However, Dunst was confident in her natural beauty. She chose to keep her original smile and didn’t get the cosmetic alteration. She later recalled, “I was like, ‘Mmmmm, no, I like my teeth.'”

As Dunst matured, her smile has remained largely natural but subtly refined. She might have had minor dental work to keep her teeth healthy. But, they still keep the slight irregularity that makes her smile hers.

Nicolas Cage: A Dramatic Smile Transformation

A young Nicolas Cage had a smile that featured visibly misaligned teeth with significant gaps and uneven spacing. The overall appearance of his teeth is rugged and irregular, contributing to a less polished and more unconventional look that characterized his early career.

His teeth are now straight, with even spacing and a bright white color. The gaps and misalignments were fixed, resulting in smooth, polished, and good-looking teeth.

In 2023, Cage’s dedication to his craft saw him undergo further dental work for his role as Dracula in the film of the same name. For this role, Cage had his teeth shaved down and was fitted with dentures. They included thin veneers to copy the iconic blood-sucking character.

This additional dental work underscores his commitment to fully embodying his roles, even at the cost of significant temporary changes to his appearance.

Tom Cruise: The Evolution of a Hollywood Smile

Tom Cruise’s journey to achieving his now-famous Hollywood smile is a remarkable story of transformation and perseverance. When he was younger, the actor’s teeth were notably misaligned.

They had varying lengths and a large gap between the front ones. During the early 2000s, Cruise began fixing his teeth and made a bold public appearance that drew much attention.

He arrived at a red carpet event and interview circuit wearing a visible silver dental brace. This move showcased his commitment to improving his dental aesthetics while remaining active in the public eye, a testament to his dedication and confidence.

In reflecting on his rise to fame and the adjustments it required, Cruise shared, “I’m really very private, in my own world. Suddenly I was someone walking on the street and people were looking at me and I was thinking, ‘Jesus, is something hanging out of my nose?'”

Cruises’ teeth are now perfectly aligned, uniformly sized, and brilliantly white. The once prominent gap and misalignment are gone, replaced by a flawless smile that exudes confidence and professionalism.

Megan Fox: From Radiant to Flawless

Megan Fox’s smile transformation is a striking example of subtle yet impactful cosmetic dentistry. The actress has always had a naturally beautiful smile, with fairly straight teeth.

There were minor imperfections such as slight misalignment and uneven spacing. But these small details have since been perfected, leaving the actress with a perfect smile.

Her teeth are impeccably straight and uniformly shaped, creating a flawless and dazzling smile. The improvements are subtle yet significant, enhancing her natural beauty and giving her a more polished and refined look.

In an attempt to be transparent about the changes she has made to her face and body over the years, the actress appeared on the popular podcast “Call Her Daddy” earlier this year.

There, she discussed all the cosmetic procedures she had endured over the years. However, the actress believed that celebrities often tried to be transparent. But, this was in vain, as they still faced scrutiny.

Morgan Freeman: A Subtle Smile Transformation

Morgan Freeman is commonly known for his distinctly warm and charismatic smile. But, in his younger years, his smile had flawed teeth, which had gaps and were misaligned.

While these imperfections gave the actor’s smile a unique character, the unevenness and natural spacing between his teeth also contributed to a more rugged and less polished look.

Freeman’s smile has since been significantly refined. His teeth are now perfectly aligned, with even spacing and a uniform appearance. The once-prominent gaps and misalignments have been fixed. This resulted in smooth, polished teeth.

Around 2016/2017, when Freeman is believed to have undergone his dental improvements, he received some lighthearted teasing about his new teeth.

One tweet humorously stated, “We’re giving Oscar winner Morgan Freeman’s #teeth transformation our own lifetime achievement award!”

Cristiano Ronaldo: A Smile Fit for a Superstar

The renowned soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo has undergone a remarkable smile transformation. During his younger years, he was often seen with several dental imperfections.

His teeth were misaligned, and there was a prominent gap where a lateral incisor should be. The overall appearance of his teeth was uneven, with noticeable spacing issues and discoloration.

Nowadays, Ronaldo’s smile is dramatically different. His teeth are now perfectly aligned. They are bright white and all the same shape, giving him a classic Hollywood smile.

The previously missing lateral incisor has been replaced, and his teeth are now evenly spaced and straight. According to Dr. Rhona Eskander, a dentist who has commented on Ronaldo’s dental work, the transformation involved several key steps.

The first step in Ronaldo’s smile makeover involved wearing braces. This was needed to straighten his teeth. It was also to make space for the missing tooth implant.

“His canine was really close to his central teeth,” explained Dr. Eskander, indicating that orthodontic work was essential to achieve the desired alignment.

Dr. Eskander revealed that Ronaldo likely got a tooth implant to address the missing lateral incisor as well. This involved placing an implant in the jawbone to replace the missing tooth, ensuring a complete and natural-looking smile.

Matthew Lewis: A Remarkable Transformation

Matthew Lewis is an English actor and producer known for his roles in “Me Before You” alongside Emilia Clarke and the “Harry Potter” series with Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson.

In his days as an up-and-coming actor, Lewis had a smile with noticeable imperfections. His teeth were significantly misaligned, with large gaps and uneven spacing.

The irregularities in his teeth defined his early appearance. They added to his portrayal of Neville Longbottom, an awkward and endearing character in the “Harry Potter” movies.

During his time in the series, Lewis revealed that he had to wear false teeth and other prosthetics. “I had to wear a fat suit and false teeth and stuff to stick my ears out, which was pretty grim for a few years […],” he shared in an interview.

As the child actor blossomed, so did his smile. Now, his teeth are straight and evenly spaced. This gives them a polished and nice look. The once prominent gaps and misalignments are now fixed. They give him a confident and sophisticated look.

The transformative power of modern dentistry is evident in the striking before-and-after smiles of these 10 Hollywood stars. Each procedure played a crucial role in crafting picture-perfect smiles.

Source: AmoMama

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