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Bespoke Smile Academy discusses its six-day course that will bring aesthetic and functional predictability to your dentistry.

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Dentists, have you ever asked yourself any of the following questions, when thinking about indirect dentistry, or porcelain veneers:

  • Will it fit properly?
  • Are they going to like it?
  • Will it fall off or break?
  • How much do I prep?
  • What order do I fit these in?
  • Should l just do composite instead?

It is time to answer them and bring both aesthetic, and functional predictability to your dentistry. Since 2018, Bespoke Smile Academy and its founder Dr Sam Jethwa have been training dentists through the flagship six-day course with real patients and live treatments. The goals are to finally provide that ‘lightbulb’ moment surrounding occlusion, facially driven smile design, materials, prep, and patient management through cosmetic and functional indirect dentistry.

Dentists can learn through treatment of live patients, or by observing; this caters to different learning styles. Combined with the six in-person days, dentists can enrol on the BSA online platform and complete longer occlusion and full mouth rehab courses, along with handmade trial smile, and facially driven smile design short masterclasses.

‘One of the best courses I have done. Sam is very meticulous and does not leave a stone unturned. Occlusion was something that I always found complex however at this course I had the penny drop moment. Sam simplifies occlusion giving practical and predictable tips that can be used in all aspects of dentistry and not just for porcelain smile makeovers. Planning of cases, prepping for porcelain, temporising, communication with the lab and then fitting the veneers is now a smooth process’

Dr Aamir Vaghela

A very small group of three dentists per year are taken on as one-to-one mentees, or provided one-to-one case guidance, and often these dentists are trained to become mentors in their own right, with the academy.

Courses usually sell out months in advance. With maximum group sizes set to 15 delegates, the next cohort dates set with a very small number of spaces available:

  • Day 1 & 2: 8-9 February 2025
  • Day 3 & 4: 22-23 February 2025
  • Day 5 & 6: 22-23 March 2025.

‘I have just completed the 6-day BSA course as an observer and loved each of the 3 weekends. Sam is a brilliant teacher… approachable, relaxed and very generous with his knowledge. I took away so many tips I could implement immediately upon my return to clinic’

Dr Fran Brelsford

Bespoke Smile Academy

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