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Celebrity teeth transformations: Dramatic before-and-after photos – Kanye West, Demi Moore, Nicole Kidman, more

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The ‘Hollywood smile’ of perfectly straight, white teeth has long been associated with the rich and famous – but even some of the biggest stars needed professional help to achieve their enviable grins.

Before they became A-list names, the likes of Demi Moore, Celine Dion, and Tom Cruise had very different-looking teeth to what we are used to seeing today – and some have undergone a complete smile makeover.

Over the years, they and many more have transformed their appearance by tweaking the appearance of their teeth with the help of cosmetic dentistry, whether it be veneers, composite bonding, or teeth whitening.

We turned to leading cosmetic dentist and the President-Elect of The British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, Dr. Sam Jethwa, of Bespoke Smile, to shed some light on what he thinks the below celebrities have done to achieve their dramatic teeth transformations.

HELLO Celeb Transformations

Kanye West

The rapper shocked fans when he unveiled his $850,000 titanium teeth, which Dr. Jethwa revealed could “lead to complications” if they are a permanent fixture – something he strongly advises against.

“From the picture, it seems like he may have had upper teeth at the back removed. The dynamics of his smile suggests that this could be a permanent feature, and he may have had teeth removed to achieve this, as it could be an implant,” he said.

“A titanium screw will have to be drilled into the gum. This is such a shame, as his smile appeared incredibly healthy before, and was very natural,” he continued.

Kanye’s new dentures may be temporary though, with Dr. Jethwa explaining that they may only be “a covering of his natural teeth and may have been achieved using something similar to a cosmetic brace but not to straighten the teeth”.

He added: “However, I strongly advise against this. It can cause damage to the natural teeth, it can cause the enamel to wear down, cause food particles to get trapped, and can also irritate the gums.”

Demi Moore

While the Ghost actress had “perfectly straight” teeth before, she appears to have boosted her smile with veneers.

“The key differences I can spot are the size and shape of the teeth and the color. This suggests that she has had veneers, which can create a stronger, whiter, and more even smile,” Dr. Jethwa said.

“In the before picture, the top gum is more visible than it is in the after picture. This suggests that she may have had gum contouring before the veneers have been applied.”

Explaining the procedure, he said that laser gum contouring “involves using a high-powered laser to contour uneven, or extra gum tissue with the aim of re-shaping the gums to make them look smaller and/or neater in proportion to the teeth”.

Celine Dion

The Power of Love singer appears to have opted for a full smile transformation, with Dr. Jethwa believing she had veneers on the top eight teeth.

“This is common for people who want a full smile makeover as these are the teeth on display the most,” he said.

“The difference between the before and after pictures is the shape of the teeth.

“The veneers which have been used have allowed for an incredibly symmetrical, well-balanced, and harmonious smile, and is in keeping with her facial features.

“The veneers are not too large, they fit her smile perfectly.”

Tom Cruise

The Top Gun star’s teeth transformation appears to be the result of extensive treatments.

“I would suggest that Tom Cruise has had multiple dental treatments to improve his smile and oral health,” Dr. Jethwa said.

“It is clear from the before picture that his teeth were incredibly displaced. Displaced and crooked teeth can cause oral health issues, they are more susceptible to tooth decay as they can be incredibly difficult to clean,” he added.

“Not only this, but they can cause problems with speech and with a person’s bite. To correct this, I would suggest fixed braces.”

Explaining the benefits of fixed braces over treatments like Invisalign, Dr. Jethwa said: “Fixed braces work by moving the teeth into the correct position whilst applying gentle pressure. Small brackets are bonded to the teeth and then connected to a wire.

“The wire is used to create tension, moving the teeth into alignment. I would recommend fixed braces for complex cases, as they are extremely precise.”

Millie Bobby Brown

The Stranger Things actress appears to have enhanced her smile with some strategic tweaks.

“To me, it seems like Millie Bobby Brown may have had composite bonding on the two front teeth, and ultra-thin veneers on the canine teeth,” Dr. Jethwa told us.

“Although in the after picture, her smile appears more even, it is not straight enough to suggest that she has had cosmetic braces. In a lot of cases, if the teeth are not too displaced, composite bonding and/or veneers can allow for a more even smile.”

He continued: “The shape of the canine teeth has dramatically changed in the second picture, suggesting ultra-thin porcelain veneers, allowing for a natural result.

“The bottom edges of the two front teeth appear neater, which can be achieved through composite bonding.”

Composite bonding is “non-invasive and involves the application of a tooth-colored composite resin to the surface of the tooth, which is then shaped and polished”.

Dr. Jethwa added: “In this case, composite bonding has worked really well to improve overall tooth alignment and symmetry.”

Nicole Kidman

The Big Little Lies star appears to have altered her teeth with gum contouring and veneers.

“Looking at the earlier pictures of Nicole Kidman, we can see that her top gums are visibly noticeable, which can cause the teeth to appear smaller,” Dr. Jethwa said.

“This suggests that she has undergone a dental procedure called gum contouring to address the extra gum tissue, however not alone, the shapes of the teeth have been improved to match.”

Dental veneers appear to have played a big part in altering Nicole’s smile. “Veneers may be necessary to create a more even smile, which is what I believe Nicole has had,” he added.

“Dental veneers are essentially a covering for the natural teeth and will be made of either composite resin or porcelain. They are bonded to the front of the tooth to change their color, shape, size, or length.”

Note: Dr. Sam Jethwa has not treated the above celebrities.

Source: Hello Magazine

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