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How Sophie achieved the perfect smile for her wedding day

Sophie and William Gale recently received cosmetic dentistry treatments by Dr Sam Jethwa at Bespoke Smile ahead of their wedding day.

  • Cosmetic dentist and the President Elect of The British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, Dr Sam Jethwa, says 3 in 10 of the patients he treats are seeking treatment ahead of their wedding day.
  • A study from Bupa Dental Care found that over a third of UK adults are unhappy with their smile; with 27% avoiding showing their teeth when they smile, 22% avoiding having their photo taken and 18% feeling the need to put their hand over their mouth when smiling.
  • Sophie and William Gale recently received cosmetic dentistry treatments by Dr Sam Jethwa at Bespoke Smile ahead of their wedding day.

The smile you wear on your wedding day is hugely important.

Not only will it be on show all day and have a huge impact on your confidence, but will be a part of your wedding photographs for years to come.

Sophie and William Gale, 30, from Essex, recently celebrated their wedding day by proudly displaying their new smiles. The couple, who both received cosmetic dentistry treatments by Dr Sam Jethwa at Bespoke Smile, credit their dental work for giving them the confidence to smile on their special day. Clinical lead of Bespoke Smile, Dr Sam Jethwa, says 3 in 10 of the patients he treats are seeking treatment ahead of their wedding day.

‘Being confident with my smile made all the difference to me on my wedding day. I highly recommend Bespoke Smile to anyone considering cosmetic dentistry’.

Sophie Gale

Sophie’s dental problems began as a child when her front tooth did not come through properly. She did not like the shape or position of the front tooth, and it was noticeably longer. There was also a lot of bone loss around the area. At 21 she approached a dentist and was fitted with veneers. However, Sophie felt that they didn’t fit her mouth or suit her face, and consequently, it further impacted her confidence.

Sophie remained extremely self-conscious about her teeth and avoided showing them in photographs.

She would also cover her teeth when talking and would smile with her mouth closed.

Following her engagement last year, Sophie was keen to get her smile sorted for her wedding so she sought the help of award-winning cosmetic dentist, Dr Sam Jethwa. In order to give Sophie the perfect smile Dr Jethwa provided Sophie with two “trial smiles”. Bespoke Smile’s hand sculpted “trial smile” is a unique process that cannot be found elsewhere, giving patients the opportunity to live with temporary veneers so they can adapt to their new smile, and ensure it’s a perfect fit and look. Sophie decided on the first “trial smile”, however she and Dr Jethwa made a few tweaks to ensure she was completely happy.

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Before Sophie could be fitted with the eight veneers on her top teeth, Dr Jethwa removed the existing poorly-fitted veneers. There was minimal drilling involved during Sophie’s treatment, as to avoid any damage to the remaining tooth before the new veneers were fitted.

In addition to the veneers…

Sophie also had Botox to relax her upper lip to address her ‘gummy smile’, as well as laser work on the gum.

‘For years we’ve seen lasers used for a whole host of skincare treatments, from scar removal to hair removal. So it was only a matter of time before they became more commonplace for teeth, or more specifically gums, too. Laser gum surgery is a procedure that involves using a high-powered laser to cut away the extra gum tissue with the aim of re-shaping the gums to make them look smaller and/or neater in proportion to the teeth. It’s usually done for cosmetic reasons, for example when a patient has had their teeth straightened they may want their gum line adjusted. This is one of the most game changing treatments we offer, often combined with veneers and done at the same time as the Smile Sculpting visit.’

Dr Sam Jethwa

Sophie’s husband, William, also wanted work done on his smile.

William’s teeth had become worn down due to having braces as a child. His front tooth also had a chip in, although this had been fixed by a previous dentist, it did need replacing every few years. He had 10 upper veneers, which had a positive aesthetic impact but also provided more strength in his bite where the chip was.

‘We are both much more confident as a result. I used to avoid photographs because I was conscious of my teeth, and I was very worried about having a photographer at the wedding. But since having my smile makeover, I feel completely comfortable in front of the camera. Our whole wedding day felt so easy, which it wouldn’t have if I hadn’t been to Bespoke for my treatments. I was so confident on the day, and felt like I could talk to people without wanting to cover my mouth, which is something I had been doing for a long time!’

Sophie Gale

‘I am much more confident in other aspects of my life too.’

Sophie goes on to say. ‘The original veneers I had done when I was 21, by a previous dentist, were poorly fitted and I was worried people would judge me for this. However, that thought does not even cross my mind now’.

Sophie advises anyone looking to get their teeth done for their wedding, ‘Plan ahead. Your smile is a huge part of your day, and there is no better feeling than confidence. Even if you just want to get your teeth whitened ahead of your wedding, it will make such a difference. You also need to put your trust in your dentist and work together to decide what it is you want. I had so much trust in Dr Jethwa, I think this is also because I was very involved in the process.’

‘If you are looking to improve your smile for a wedding, I would urge any of my patients to start their smile journey early.’

Dr Sam Jethwa advises. ‘Unfortunately, the biggest motivation I see for people wanting to improve their smile for a wedding is after the wedding itself. If someone is unhappy with their smile on the wedding day then they avoid smiling in their photographs and showing their teeth, when they look back on their wedding pictures they are upset with how their smile looks. For this reason, I see a huge number of patients who get their smile improved after their wedding. There is always a reason not to do something, but once you do, you always wish you had done it sooner.’

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About Dr Sam Jethwa

Dr Sam Jethwa the Vice President of the British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry and an award-winning cosmetic dentist. He is also a qualified clinical teacher after completing a Postgraduate Diploma in Clinical Education from the Royal College of Surgeons and Physicians of Glasgow, and lectures on the topic of oral health, smile design, occlusion and functional success in the UK and internationally.

‘The Smile Designer’ – Dr Sam Jethwa – is a leading cosmetic dentist best known for his astounding full mouth reconstruction results, his use of ultra thin porcelain veneers and his ‘Trial Smile’ – a hand sculpted temporary set of veneers. Relying on a plethora of innovative techniques and with a fresh approach to smile transformations, Dr Jethwa has earned a steadfast reputation internationally as well as a multitude of patients who trust his team implicitly with their smile.