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How to look younger: Avoid ‘yellowing of the teeth’ normal whitening won’t reverse

How to look younger: Avoid ‘yellowing of the teeth’ normal whitening won’t reverse

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A dentist issued a warning on an issue that can cause serious ageing and make you look older.

Dentist Dr. Sam Jethwa explained a serious ageing issue on teeth, which Britons wondering how to look younger should be wary of.

Discolouration will make you look older, the expert warned. He explained: “Many people notice brown lines or marks in the teeth as they get older.”

There are a number of factors that can cause teeth to turn yellow or brown in later years, as Dr. Jethwa explained.

Lifestyle factors and health factors can both contribute to this discolouration, he said. The professional explained: “This can be a result of years of staining from substances like tea, coffee, red wine, and even some antibiotics.

“Health issues like diabetes, oral cancer, anaemia and some eating disorders can also damage tooth enamel which can result in yellowing of the teeth.”

However, there is a certain amount of yellowing that not even the usual tooth-whitening treatments can help with.

The dentist explained: “A lot of people don’t realise that normal whitening won’t be as effective if teeth are older and so again veneers are a good option.”

Does teeth whitening make you look younger?

Dr. Jethwa explained: “Teeth whitening is safe to do and is an extremely effective way of making teeth look younger.

“However, the key to safe and effective teeth whitening is making sure you are sensible.

“Don’t under any circumstances try the dangerous TikTok hacks that suggest using lemon juice and even kitchen products to whiten teeth as these will erode the tooth enamel and cause more damage.”

“I would urge anyone wishing to have teeth whitening to have it carried out professionally by a dentist. They can recommend safe and effective kits that can be done at home with extremely good results.

“Unfortunately, the ingredients within some kits purchased online can pose a significant risk to our health and sometimes, irreversible damage.”

How does teeth whitening work?

The dentist explained: “Teeth whitening works by applying a whitening agent to the teeth, which penetrates the enamel and reaches the discolored molecules inside the tooth.

“Oxygen molecules from the whitening agent react with the discoloured molecules in your teeth, breaking the bonds that hold them together. As the oxygen molecules spread the teeth whitens.”

The dentist warned against another common tooth feature which is very ageing.  Teeth can easily become worn down with age, making you look a lot older.

The dentist adds that bite problems can also cause the issue. He said: “I find that people have worn down their teeth because of a bite problem or because of previous dentistry which changes their bite.

“This causes them to chew differently and wear their front teeth down that then exposes the inside layers of the teeth and requires treatment to fix it but also creates an aesthetic problem and causes teeth to look older.”

Source: Express

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