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Love Island 2020: Connor Durham’s “Blinding Teeth”

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Love Island has an air of mystery about it. One of those shows that everyone loves, and we’re just as fascinated by how the enigmatic producers work their magic to create the show that keeps us all on our toes for eight weeks every year.

Back in 2020, the producers gifted fans by renewing the show for not one but two seasons that year.

From day one, the coffee bean salesman, Connor Durham, stole the show with his very noticeable new veneers. He revealed on his Instagram that he “snapped” them while on holiday.

Fans, including co-star Sophie Piper, were quickly drawn to his “blinding teeth” feature.

Since we’ve had so many questions and comments about celebrities with veneers, like Connor, from our patients, we thought we would delve a little deeper and take a closer look at the Bespoke Smile way.

Love Island star chooses Bespoke Smile

We can see that Connor, has gone for an exceptionally bright, white shade for his veneers – and sometimes, our patients do prefer this classic ‘Hollywood’ look for their smile.

However, for those who desire a more natural look, we would usually assess the shade of the whites of the eyes and avoid going lighter than this for your smile.

We’ve also had comments from patients about the length of Connor’s teeth, as they appear to be more or less straight and uniform in length.

A ‘flat’ appearance can tend to highlight facial asymmetries and differences, more so than when the line created by the smile is parallel to the lower lip.

This is one of the key principles of smile design that our experts love to create – we want our patients to walk away with a smile that suits their face shape – in true Bespoke fashion.

Connor decided to go to Thailand to get his veneers done, after doing a basic Google search for ‘a random dentist’.

We do tend to come across a lot of patients in our clinic who have travelled for dental veneers in Turkey, or other overseas destinations.

These treatments are typically planned by email – with no formal consultations and completed within just a few days.

How tooth cleaning works - Bespoke Smile

How Do Veneers Work?

The outmoded approach to applying veneers is to shave down the tooth’s protective enamel layer – natural dental tissue that protects against cavities and sensitivity.

The idea behind shaving down the teeth is to allow the veneer to fit on the tooth like a cap or crown, but it also carries the risk of exposing the teeth to nerve damage and potentially infection.

Sadly, we do end up having to correct a lot of veneer fittings that patients choose to have done abroad because of the appealing cost. Ironically, this leads to the patient spending more of their time and money in the long run to rectify the situation.

We cannot stress how strongly we recommend only going to a highly experienced, reputable, and fully-trained dentist who has all the right qualifications and meets UK regulations to ensure your veneers are fitted in the safest and most detailed way.

Dr Sam Jethwa is well known within UK cosmetic dentistry and is a Director at The British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (BACD).

Dr Jethwa is a dentist with a unique skill set, which allows him to take on advanced cosmetic dentistry in a predictable way to achieve stunning, long-lasting results for his patients.

Handmade trail smile final porcelain veneers

Our approach means we only use super thin or ultra-thin veneers, which are 0.3-0.5mm thick, as it is important to retain as much of your tooth underneath as possible. This is generally harder to accomplish and requires advanced training to perfect the technique and skills required to carry it out.

Veneers can be life-changing and Dr Jethwa places around a thousand ultra-thin veneers every year – one of the highest numbers of these specialised dental veneers in the UK.

Based on what we’ve seen, we’re sure that this is something you should save up for or pay for over time instead of making a quick decision to go abroad for potentially irreversible and risky treatment that doesn’t meet the same gold standard that you would expect and get here.

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Can you truly say you are happy with your smile?

With all of the things in the world to worry about, your teeth should not be one of them.

Many of our patients have waited years before eventually deciding to undergo treatment to achieve the smile they have always desired.

Ultra-thin veneers can help you achieve the smile you desire with a minimally invasive, pain-free procedure, allowing you to see results fast and gain your confidence back fast.

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