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“The Best Cosmetic Dentistry is one that Suits Your Face” says Dr. Sam Jethwa, founder of ‘Bespoke Smile’

Dr Sam Jethwa in front of the Bespoke Smile logo

Providing a world-class experience for their clients in the field of cosmetic dentistry is what Bespoke Smile takes pride in.

Dr. Sam Jethwa is well-known, and the go-to dentist for beautiful handcrafted porcelain veneers. With glowing testimonials and accolades, Dr. Sam is one of the world leading aesthetic dentists and focused his practice on smile makeovers. He trains dentists from all around the world in the techniques he has developed to produce bespoke smile makeovers.

Working with an award-winning team under him at his clinic, Bespoke Smile, located in the beautiful riverside town of Marlow in Buckinghamshire, Dr. Sam is redefining what it means to produce customised smiles.

Offering a welcoming and elegant atmosphere, this boutique clinic is designed with the patient’s comfort in mind. Fear of dentistry is real, and affects a number of patients – which is why creating a clinic where a sense of calm and high energy work together, was so important to Dr Jethwa.

“I wanted my clients to enter our clinic, and feel immediately that something special is happening here, whilst still relaxing them, before a procedure.”

The clinic is well known for the experiences it provides to its clients, and having every member of the patient care team trained under luxury five-star hospitality principles, has helped to achieve this reputation.

Aside from providing a luxury experience, the clinic is well appointed for the results it provides. A team of highly trained clinicians and specialists in their field, along with a support team work together to deliver the very best in cosmetic dentistry, and facial aesthetic treatments. The entire team is well renowned and often featured on publications and TV.

Dr Sam Jethwa champions ethical, minimal, or non-invasive and natural results. Therefore, clients always go with happy faces and beautiful, dreamy smiles that are harmonious with their face and appearance.

Dr Jethwa claims that “the Hollywood Smile is dead” and how the goal is now to use artistry, and vision, with creativity and the very best in technology and material, to provide results that are redefining what a “perfect smile” looks like.

“For me, it is more about Bespoke Smiles, which take into account the asymmetries of someones face, lips, eyes, nose, and using them to bring out the finer features of the face, using ultra-thin porcelain veneers as our tool.”

A beautiful smile is now one of the hottest trends. Like a bespoke suit, or tailored jacket – a smile made just for you, provides that confidence that can rarely be achieved in any other way.

One of the main reasons why Dr. Jethwa has developed such a strong reputation as is the go-to cosmetic dentist is due to his hand sculpted trial smile technique, where he creates the final look by hand, which is tested by the client before Dr Jethwa’s master ceramist converts this to the ultra thin porcelain veneers.

“Producing a hand sculpted trial smile is the only way, we can truly test drive a new smile, why rely on a printed or template design, when we are all unique? Our smiles should be as unique as we are” says Dr Jethwa.

Dr Sam Jethwa doesn’t follow traditional methods where veneers are purely made by the dental technician, which is pushing boundaries and pushing for results that cannot be otherwise achieved. One of the key goals is to protect and natural tooth, without causing damage to place the veneers.

“Knowing how to create a result, without damaging natural tooth structure more than needed, is the key to long-lasting results”

Written by Dr. Sam Jethwa
Written by Dr. Sam Jethwa

BDS (Lon) MFDS RCS (Edin) PgDip ClinEd (UK)
Areas of expertise: Smile makeovers using ultra-thin porcelain veneers, smile design to restore worn teeth and advanced full mouth restorative dentistry.

“A perfect, natural, or bespoke smile is possible to achieve for anyone. There is no substitute for the feeling of confidence an individual and beautiful smile can give. We have developed techniques, which we teach to dentists across the UK and abroad, to help them better their care in their clinics. I believe in comprehensively treating every patient, to bring them up to absolute health, and then put in place maintenance to avoid patients from recurrent replacements, and further treatment. It is a passion for me to deliver an unrivalled experience and end result, which stands the test of time”

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