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Meet Dr Sam Jethwa: The cosmetic dentist designing minimal porcelain veneers to replicate nature

Meet Dr Sam Jethwa: The cosmetic dentist designing minimal porcelain veneers to replicate nature

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Dr Sam Jethwa is a cosmetic dentist, who works with his master ceramists, to produce the some of the most realistic porcelain veneers in the world.

As a director at the British Academy of cosmetic dentistry, the largest academy of its type in Europe, Dr Sam Jethwa shapes the face of cosmetic dentistry in the UK. Dr Sam Jethwa founded Bespoke Smile Advanced Dentistry & Academy, which trains aspirational dentists each year. He is invited to speak at international conferences on the topic of cosmetic dentistry with attendees from all over the world.

Sam’s main aim is to provide his clients with the most glamorous smiles, by adopting a highly artistic and minimally invasive approach. His ethos of maintaining real tooth, and creating results that are bespoke to them.

Dr Sam Jethwa is at the forefront in designing and completing ultra-thin porcelain veneers that have become so popular across the U.K.

The game changing step is something that Dr Sam Jethwa calls the “Bespoke choices” visit. Using a technique where the temporary veneers are entirely hand sculpted by the dentist, it allows the patient to visualise, live with, speak with, and experience their new smile in real time.

Dr Sam Jethwa is one of the only dentists in the world, that uses this technique. The client will return, where Sam will revisit the design, and individualise it. This level of understanding of aesthetics, is second to none. This is then transferred to beautiful porcelain veneers, that are created as a replica of the trial smile.

Dr Sam Jethwa’s clinic, Bespoke smile, has an international reputation that continues to grow and is a world leader in providing game changing treatments and putting UK cosmetic dentistry on the map. The clinic, and all its team, share the goal of creating a vision full of creativity and luxury, and have made it the envy of the cosmetic dentistry world.

The company has set the benchmark for cosmetic dentistry by bringing in the new trends such as lasers, scanners, and materials that push the boundaries on porcelain veneers, and creating unique techniques that only Dr Sam Jethwa, his associates, and his ceramists have developed.

Bespoke smile understands the importance of a great smile at any occasion, whilst on a family holiday, or wedding, or that important zoom call when your working from home.

“Zoom smile anxiety” is something Dr Sam Jethwa has discovered has affected his prospective clients during the pandemic and in lockdown. People are becoming more aware of how their smiles appear when they are speaking during video calling.

Every client dreams of the perfect smile that compliments their facial features, and this is one of the aspects Dr Sam Jethwa has felt was not considered in cosmetic dentistry in the past. Having a “Bespoke Smile” changes that, and makes those dreams come true!

Dr. Jethwa believes the Hollywood smile is no longer what prospective patients are searching for, and a beautifully natural smile that is perfectly suited is more attractive. In the past, a natural smile meant yellow or crooked — now, a natural smile can be entirely perfect, and keep observers guessing if they are veneers or not.

Traditional methods, where the dentist relinquishes control of the veneer process to the laboratory technician leaves results lacking the personalisation that the hand sculpted method affords.

The other innovation that helps to provide patients with a longer lasting, safer result, is using the thinnest possible porcelain veneer, and Dr Sam Jethwa believes retaining real tooth behind the veneers helps to strengthen the dentistry.

Some of the treatments that Dr Sam Jethwa incorporates into the smile design process, with the Bespoke Smile team, include cosmetic ceramic braces, invisible aligners, and teeth whitening all tailored to the individual client and within their budgets.

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Written by Dr. Sam Jethwa
Written by Dr. Sam Jethwa

BDS (Lon) MFDS RCS (Edin) PgDip ClinEd (UK)
Areas of expertise: Smile makeovers using ultra-thin porcelain veneers, smile design to restore worn teeth and advanced full mouth restorative dentistry.

“A perfect, natural, or bespoke smile is possible to achieve for anyone. There is no substitute for the feeling of confidence an individual and beautiful smile can give. We have developed techniques, which we teach to dentists across the UK and abroad, to help them better their care in their clinics. I believe in comprehensively treating every patient, to bring them up to absolute health, and then put in place maintenance to avoid patients from recurrent replacements, and further treatment. It is a passion for me to deliver an unrivalled experience and end result, which stands the test of time”