An entertainment superstar, English drag queen, Cheryl Hole is known for being one of the first contestants on RuPaul’s Drag Race the UK and in the final 5 contestants. Cheryl’s act is based on former Girls Aloud singer Cheryl Cole.

Cheryl stormed onto the UK drag scene in 2016 and hasn’t stopped since. Cheryl has worked all across the county in the top drag bars, clubs and theatres. She has appeared on BBC breakfast along with an interview with BBC Newsbeat in August 2018. Along with her fiancé took part on the Comedy Central show Your Face or Mine in April 2019.

Cheryl had always wanted a beautiful smile and found Dr Sam Jethwa, our principal dentist via Instagram. She chose us, to provide her with 8 stunning lower veneers, which were completed using our tried and tested 3 step process.

Cheryl Hole and Dr Sam Jethwa smiling together

Dr Sam Jethwa hand-sculpted each individual tooth, to look exactly how Cheryl had asked, and this was then converted to final porcelain veneers, as a copy of Dr Jethwa’s design.

Cheryl states “the work that Sam has done, is God-like” and is thrilled that she finally has her own “glam Bespoke smile”

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