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Why Black Friday Sales in Dentistry Should Raise Concerns

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As the holiday season approaches, many of us will be eagerly awaiting the annual tradition of Black Friday sales.

It’s a time when retailers around the world offer exciting discounts on a wide range of products, from TVs and microwaves to shoes and accessories. However, one area where Black Friday sales should not be as welcome is in the world of dentistry. Despite being a popular way for businesses to promote their best deals and boost sales, if you see a Dental Practice offering these same offers, they should cause significant concern.

Examining the feasibility of Black Friday sales in dentistry

If you find a dentist offering Black Friday deals, it’s vital to think about the feasibility of these offers. How are these “sales” possible, and why are these dentists suddenly able to offer reduced prices?

While some retail or professional businesses may temporarily reduce their profit margins to encourage sales and gain new customers when you consider the current economic crisis and soaring living costs, are dentists truly willing to take a profit cut in these times? The real question is: where are they trimming expenses? This leads us to…

Investigating price iterations

It may be worth considering that what you’re seeing, is in fact, not a sale at all. If you can, investigate their website and compare the “standard prices” of the products or services advertised as part of the sale. This can help you to determine whether the “sale” is genuine, or if in fact prices were inflated prior to Black Friday.

In 2022, 14% of products tracked by PriceSpy went up in the weeks approaching Black Friday, and then suddenly dropped to give the impression of a sale. This has become more and more common over the past few years, with Martin Lewis, the ‘Money-Saving Expert’ himself reporting these same instances by businesses in the UK to create a deceptive appearance of reduced prices.

Considering material quality

Another consideration when you see a dental practice advertising Black Friday deals is to think about whether they are using the same high-quality materials they would typically use, or if they have opted for cheaper, lower-quality alternatives in order to offer the discount.

The materials and products used in dentistry often offer a range of options at different price points, generally adhering to the principle that higher costs correlate with higher quality. For example, when you need a filling and your dentist asks which material you would like to use, all offered at different price ranges.

This is especially important because the use of high-quality materials and products is essential to ensure the long-lasting success of dental treatments. If your dentist is able to offer a discount, simply because they are using cheaper materials, then this is not in fact, a discount.

When it comes to dental care, quality should always be a top priority for you and your dentist. Black Friday sales often focus on offering more for less, but this approach does not align with the high-quality standards that reputable dental practices should uphold. Cutting corners on materials or rushing through treatments to accommodate a sudden influx of patients during a sale can compromise the quality of care you receive.

Determining factors in dental fees

Dental fees are usually determined by several factors; the duration of the treatment, the materials and products used, the dentist’s expertise, and how busy the practice is. So if they’re lowering prices to get people in the door, perhaps they are treating Black Friday as an opportunity to fill their appointment schedules before the holiday season.

But this prompts the question: if the practice has available appointments, and is willing to reduce its fees to fill them, are other aspects of the business experiencing difficulties?

Additionally, one of the key reasons why Black Friday sales in the dental industry should make you stop and think is the potential for rushed decisions. Dental treatments are not like buying a cheap TV or a new coffee maker; they involve your health and well-being. Rushing into a dental procedure, driven by the promise of a discount, can lead to hasty decisions that you may later regret, especially if the dentist you’ve chosen hasn’t offered you the highest levels of care.

Dentistry is a healthcare profession built on trust and ethical principles. Offering high discounts on dental treatments should raise ethical concerns about the motivations of the dental practice. It’s vital to consider whether your dentist’s primary concern is your well-being or to fill appointment slots and increase revenue.

While Black Friday sales can be a tempting way to save money on veneers or get teeth whitening at a bargain price, they are not the best approach to looking after your ongoing dental health.

You should prioritise quality and ethical dental care over discounts and costs. Instead of rushing into a Black Friday dental deal, take your time to research and select a reputable dentist who will prioritise your oral health and provide you with the best care possible. Be sure to research and choose a dentist with a solid track record of providing excellent care, as we pride ourselves on here at Bespoke Smile.

Your smile deserves nothing less.

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