We have seen that even celebrities can fall prey to the dangers of seeking veneer treatments abroad in places in popular destinations like Turkey and Thailand, with Katie Price recently caused a stir on social media with images of her teeth filed down to stumps whilst having her veneers replaced during her procedure in Turkey.

We meet a lot of patients who are concerned that veneers will ruin and damage their teeth. From seeing celebrity videos online like this one.
This is simply not the case

Is it worth the risk?

Veneer dentist and popular cosmetic dentist, Dr Sam Jethwa is a Director at The British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (BACD) and was asked by BBC Radio 4 to discuss the real dangers of this type of cosmetic treatment.
The academy represents professional members and experts in cosmetic treatments including veneers, and skilled restorative dentists, who provide beautiful smile makeovers with dental implants.

treat fluorisis or discolouration with veneers

With a commitment to dental excellence, The Bespoke Smile’s sophisticated cosmetic dentistry is performed confidently and safely with the oral health of the patient at the forefront of any treatment.

Unfortunately, there is a rise of celebrities, bloggers and social media influencers documenting their experiences of this type of cosmetic dentistry, which is often done abroad in places like Turkey.
But it is emerging that these types of second-rate procedures are also taking place in the UK too.


These online role models influence young people and there is a danger they may inadvertently turn to unethical practices, with results that could be potentially damaging long term to the state of a patient’s oral condition.


Here at the Bespoke Smile, our experienced dentists are extremely qualified and recognised for carrying out safe cosmetic dentistry procedures.

We only get one set of adult teeth which need to be cared for and looked after carefully. Our approach is always to do the minimum amount of invasive work, to get the maximum effect from the results. We do this by using the latest advanced technology and equipment that has revolutionized cosmetic procedures, which aim to strengthen natural teeth.

Are veneers in Turkey safe?

The images we have seen of Katie Price’s teeth being described as veneers are misleading. Patients may be under the impression they are having veneers but in reality they are likely to be having crowns placed, which ultimately requires a more aggressive tooth reduction and runs the risk of longer-term dental problems.

It is in our professional and trusted opinion that we do not recommend this procedure to be repeated multiple times.

A dentist’s guide to veneers


A veneer is simply a custom-made thin layer of composite resin or porcelain which is bonded onto the teeth, with no drilling involved.

In fact, it is minimally invasive and a particularly effective way to achieve a beautiful, white smile.

Done professionally, veneers are an extremely safe solution for masking discoloured teeth, reshaping broken or chipped teeth and aligning crooked teeth.

They are used to create a more even smile and, stronger and whiter teeth.

Within cosmetic dentistry, it is not the veneers which are unsafe, but rather bad and unreliable dentistry.

The dangers of going abroad for veneers

Increasingly patients are travelling to various clinics abroad and being prescribed treatments that may not be necessary and are far more destructive than arranging for a consultation and veneer fitting from reputable dentists like Bespoke Smile.

We are finding that patients who travel to Turkish dentists and other foreign clinics may encounter numerous problems on their return ranging from increased dental maintenance, tooth pain and sensitivity, loss of teeth and requiring further treatment to resolve dentistry problems which could have been avoided.

Safe, cosmetic dentistry on teeth that concern you is the most cost-effective and beneficial treatment to undertake. It avoids any unnecessary disruption to your teeth and the resulting maintenance remains the same as for normal teeth, with regular check-ups and hygienist visits.

Why so many patients choose us

At Bespoke Smile, Marlow, we provide caring, honest and trustworthy dentistry. Led by Dr Sam Jethwa, who founded the Bespoke Smile Academy – teaching dentists from across the globe how to place and design veneers - we are dedicated to changing the way our patients’ experience dentistry for the better by making high-quality dentistry affordable and easing dental anxiety.

Our clinical team comes highly recommended by patients in the Berkshire area. Our highly experienced dental staff are leaders in their chosen fields.

It’s complete dental care with a difference — it’s bespoke.


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