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Dentistry’s Social Stars – the profession’s top influencers

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Dr Sam Jethwa quotes and information

Given the nature of what he does, creating and teaching smile makeovers, Instagram and the visual nature of social media platforms allows Dr Sam Jethwa to display his work. He shows patients how he and his team can help them, and explains the techniques he uses to dentists.

Educating the public and the profession on the emotional and clinical aspects relating to cosmetic dentistry is something he feels very strongly about. He believes everyone should have the opportunity to have all the knowledge they can have. He uses his social media presence to get those messages across. By the time the patient is in the chair, or the dentists embark in their training with him, there is already a familiarity and breakdown of barriers.

Sam says, “Other than a vertical line if before and afters on my Instagram grid, I want viewers to share my journey, and so use a combination of video content on IGTV, and reels, both professional and personal.

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