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Cosmetic Teeth Straightening: Quick & Affordable Brace Systems

Straightening the teeth for cosmetic purposes is often referred to as social orthodontics, but we tend to know them as fast, easy and accurate teeth straightening systems that enhance the smile’s appearance as well as functionality.

Our cosmetic brace systems and aesthetic treatments are designed with speed but effectiveness in mind. This is because we know how urgently our patients want their new smiles – and we have the treatments with short treatment times to help.

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Improve your appearance | Improved procedures | Faster treatment times

Whilst we can seriously target bite problems and severe malocclusions with effective and innovative brace treatments like fixed braces and Invisalign, the more complicated the bite, the longer it may take to realign.

However, for patients with minor imperfections mainly in the front teeth, we can work on perfecting this part of your visible social smile and achieve miraculous results in just a few months!

This is because the bone at the front of the mouth is much less dense than the one at the back – this means that treatment to this particular area can take anywhere from 3-6 months.

So, whatever your preference and however you would like to conduct your treatment, we can offer two amazing procedures that work really well.

Invisalign (Inman Aligners) – uses transparent and removable aligners

Average treatment time: 12 months

Invisalign clear aligners are the invisible alternative to metal braces and a favourite for young professionals, adults, kids and teens.

As specially trained Invisalign doctors and orthodontists, we can help create a customised treatment plan that will ensure you receive the results you dream of.

Invisalign is specifically designed to suit you and is dedicated to ensuring your Invisalign experience is a comfortable and easy one.

Tooth-coloured wires (ceramic or clear braces)

Average treatment time: 12 months

Small tooth-coloured brackets and wire are less obvious than traditional metal braces.

Smaller and more discreet than well-known, conventional fixed braces, these clear braces allow patients to carry out their treatment for privately and can help them avoid stigma around a metal smile.

Fitted to the outside of your teeth, they are more attractive because of their low-visibility and are much faster than other regular treatments

However, please bear in mind that our orthodontic cases are treated on an individual case-by-case basis because every bite is unique.

This means that not every cosmetic straightening option may be suitable for your condition.

Therefore we recommend attending a consultation with your dentist to uncover the right option for you.

Ideal candidates:

Our brace systems, especially Invisalign and fixed braces treat the following conditions – however, the severity of your bite problem will affect how long your orthodontic treatment time will take.

  • Improper alignment of the teeth (malocclusion)
  • Overjet, overbite and underbite
  • Narrow and crooked smiles
  • Overcrowded or protruding teeth
  • Gapped/spaces between teeth
  • Problematic bites

Reasons to have braces:

  • Improve your oral health
  • Decrease the chances for gum disease to form
  • Feel more confident and happier with the way your smile looks
  • Relieves any strain put on the jaw
  • Corrects and evens out tooth pressure
  • Avoid and prevent tooth decay

Cosmetic brace costs and how to fund

Adult orthodontic solutions begin from £2,750 and offer patients excellent value for their money.

Please note that cosmetic teeth straightening treatment costs depend on the complexity of your treatment and the type of straightening system you choose.

However, a common misconception about cosmetic brace systems is that they cost a lot more than conventional methods. This is simply not true.

The actual truth of this is that cosmetic braces can cost LESS than traditional straightening techniques.

Get an accurate quote today by attending a consultation with one of our reputable, amazing dentists who are specially trained and dedicated to crafting the smile you dream of.

What the costs include

  • Specialist, qualified and highly trained orthodontists
  • Treatment co-ordinator who will be your point of call throughout your journey
  • The procedure – and everything involved
  • Hygiene appointment/session
  • All the aftercare advice, help and guidance you need
  • Check up appointments
  • Consultations
  • At-home whitening agents (Invisalign)

For patients really wishing to undergo this treatment but may not be able to afford it, we are partnered with an authorised and regulated finance partner (Medenta), who will allow you to spread your payments over a period of 24 months interest-free. Calculate your payments here. Or learn more about 0% finance here.

Whatever you need, our team at Bespoke Smile are here to ensure you make the right choice for teeth straigntening in the UK, which suits your dental and lifestyle needs.

Cosmetic braces vs. orthodontic braces

Orthodontics traditionally is a specialised type of dental care that focuses on moving the position of the teeth into the correct alignment – this helps patients overcome improper bites.

Cosmetic treatments, as you might have guessed, focus on the aesthetics of the treatment – but our dentists are specialists in their fields and go over and above this.

We’re not only considered with the look of your smile but how it functions and how it feels for you.

This is because we know our patients want their smiles to be correctly aligned, but also looks good too – so here at the Bespoke Smile, we make sure that happens.

But first, which treatment are you more interested in? Are you trying to decide between traditional braces or new, innovative methods like clear aligners?

Should you have braces or teeth aligners?

There are various factors involved in deciding which teeth-straightening approach to take. Our expert dentists will analyse your smile and bite and provide recommendations on the best approach.

Fixed braces are permanently attached to your teeth for the duration of your treatment and require careful cleaning to remove food debris. Teeth aligners tend to be removable making mealtimes and teeth brushing easier but they must be worn for the prescribed amount of time each day to work.

When choosing between fixed braces or aligners, our dentists will discuss several key criteria including:

  • Compliance: if you worry you won’t be able to stick to the rules for wearing your aligners it may be better to opt for a ceramic (tooth-coloured) bracket and wire system where you don’t have to think about putting on and taking off your braces.
  • Visits to the dentist: many of our patients travel significant distances to see us and therefore are concerned with keeping dentist visits to a minimum; with fixed braces, the visits are more frequent, perhaps every 3 weeks.
  • Aesthetics: naturally Invisalign teeth aligner are less noticeable as they are transparent when compared to a fixed brace, even ones that are tooth-coloured.
  • Length of treatments: this varies significantly based but typically traditional braces will take 3–9 months while Invisalign can range from 3–24 months, with Invisalign typically taking longer for similar conditions than fixed braces as the teeth aligners more gradually push the teeth.
  • Teeth straightening cost: prices vary depending on the treatment you choose, while many consider Invisalign to be the more expensive option, this very much depends on individual cases and the extent of teeth straightening

Whatever you need, our team at Bespoke Smile are here to ensure you make the right choice for teeth straigntening in the UK, which suits your dental and lifestyle needs.

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