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Is Teeth Straightening Right for You?

Orthodontics is the clinical term for teeth straightening. It can help fix crooked or crowded teeth. If you have a concern about crowded, uneven or crooked teeth then orthodontists, who are general dentists with specialised training in orthodontics, can help you straighten and even out your teeth to improve your dental health and give you the smile you’ve always wanted.

Braces can also help to correct bite problems, which commonly lead to wearing down of the teeth, by moving teeth so that they are in a better position. This protects patients from wear and future, more expensive and involved dental treatments.

Our dentists are able to assess your smile and offer minimally invasive options to straighten your teeth and perfect your smile. Often braces are the first step to a smile makeover and can be very discreet and quick. Our patients are generally not in braces for more than 6–12 months.

There are two main types of braces:

    • Fixed braces
    • Invisible braces, a popular brand is ‘Invisalign’

Our dentists are able to discuss your smile concerns and analyse the best route forward for you.

Should You Have Braces or Teeth Aligners?

There are various factors involved in deciding which teeth-straightening approach to take. Our expert dentists will analyse your smile and bite and provide recommendations on the best approach.

Fixed braces are permanently attached to your teeth for the duration of your treatment and require careful cleaning to remove food debris. Teeth aligners tend to be removable making mealtimes and teeth brushing easier but they must be worn for the prescribed amount of time each day to work.

When choosing between fixed braces or aligners, our dentists will discuss several key criteria including:

  • Compliance: if you worry you won’t be able to stick to the rules for wearing your aligners it may be better to opt for a ceramic (tooth-coloured) bracket and wire system where you don’t have to think about putting on and taking off your braces.
  • Visits to the dentist: many of our patients travel significant distances to see us and therefore are concerned with keeping dentist visits to a minimum; with fixed braces, the visits are more frequent, perhaps every 3 weeks.
  • Aesthetics: naturally Invisalign teeth aligner are less noticeable as they are transparent when compared to a fixed brace, even ones that are tooth-coloured.
  • Length of treatments: this varies significantly based but typically traditional braces will take 3–9 months while Invisalign can range from 3–24 months, with Invisalign typically taking longer for similar conditions than fixed braces as the teeth aligners more gradually push the teeth.
  • Teeth straightening cost: prices vary depending on the treatment you choose, while many consider Invisalign to be the more expensive option, this very much depends on individual cases and the extent of teeth straightening

Whatever you need, our team at Bespoke Smile are here to ensure you make the right choice for teeth straigntening in the UK, which suits your dental and lifestyle needs.

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