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Professional Teeth Whitening

The colour of your teeth is incredibly unique to you and in whitening, it is important to ensure you whiten to ‘the right white’ for you.

We believe in ensuring you have the right ‘bespoke’ white for you even with our home whitening kit options.

Teeth whitening is now a popular and safe treatment where we use peroxide gels or lasers to brighten and whiten your teeth. All of our recommended options will not damage the teeth and will provide quick and simple improvement to your smile.

There are many options for whiter teeth:

  • Hygienist – if you are already happy with your teeth sometimes a simple trip to the hygienist is enough to keep them bright and your breath fresh. We always recommend a hygienist clean.
  • Home Whitening – This gives the best results. We are able to provide individual tray and whitening peroxide gels that we are confident will give great results in as little as two weeks.
  • In Chair Whitening – Laser whitening in the surgery, this option when it is combined with home whitening can produce excellent results.
  • Veneers – in some cases, especially where the tooth has a high level of fluorosis (white lines) we may recommend a veneer or two to cover teeth that are permanently stained.

Home Whitening:

When you simply want to brighten and whiten by a couple of shades we are able to provide custom made trays which slot into your mouth (like a mouthguard) with gel in the bottom of those to ensure the gel sits nicely against your teeth. These trays can then be used in future for you to top up your whitening, if you need to. The trays are a very important part of this process and the quality of the fitting can affect the result hugely.

Depending on the outcome of your colour consultation we typically find patients see results within 2 weeks and then use the remaining gel on an ad hoc basis to maintain the colour.

What is the difference between a dentist home whitening kit and one I can buy online?

If we thought there was a ‘good’ online kit – we would happily recommend it! So far the ones we have tried have several key risks:

  • Many of the trays are standard fit or ask you to create your own mould – when a mould isn’t perfectly fitted to your mouth you risk the whitening gel not ‘sitting on the tooth’ or worse leaking into the mouth (rarely harmful but not a nice experience!).
  • The gels can be too weak or too strong – given the risks of online purchases (i.e., not part of Dental regulations) most of the gels they provide are diluted and therefore actually make very little difference, or they are incredible strong and do not give a better result, only cause intense pain.
  • Incorrect whitening gels can be damaging to the teeth – as we know our teeth are made up of living tissue that should be protected. Some online options will wear the teeth causing damage and infection.
  • Home whitening really should only be done on already healthy teeth – without this check up first its hard to be sure that you aren’t taking unnecessary risks with your teeth.

In Chair Whitening

In Chair Whitening is an increasingly popular option for those with severely stained teeth or in a hurry to have whiter teeth (e.g., before weddings, holidays etc). Our new technology can whiten the teeth by 8 shades in one sitting and it is recommended to include this with home whitening trays and gels.

Our preferred method is a new innovation from Phillips – the Zoom teeth whitening kit. With this, a qualified dentist will apply the whitening gel to your teeth and then use an LED lamp to magnify the effects. This can whiten your smile by up to 8 shades in one session.

If you’d like to whiten your teeth at home or top up your in-surgery whitening treatments, your dentist will fit you with a personalised whitening tray and give you a supply of ZOOM whitening gels.

What if I have sensitive teeth?

Whitening can now be performed on sensitive teeth without a problem. We specifically invest in technology that works with sensitive teeth and our expertly trained Dentists are able to assess the right gel for your teeth.