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Our patients could not be happier, and we could not be prouder of the smiles we have transformed and created.

 Never compromising on time or quality, you can ensure that here at The Bespoke Smile that your smile is in the right hands.

Our smile design process has been developed by Dr Sam Jethwa, who puts patients in the driving seat when it comes to controlling the details around their smile and how we make it!

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Smile Makeover Process: 3 Easy Steps To Your Perfect Smile

Step 1.
Trial Smile Visit

After meeting your dentist for your initial comprehensive cosmetic assessment and having
discovered your dental concerns we will understand the main areas for improvement. Following
this visit we will hand design and create a bespoke trial smile made of composite resin on the
teeth you wish to improve.

We also shape the gums using our pain-free laser technology. This technique is rarely offered by

dentists as it is extremely difficult to do. However, our dentists are internationally trained and
highly experienced in this bespoke technique to help you achieve the smile of your dreams.

Step 2.

This visit gives you the opportunity to tailor your result to be exactly what you are looking for.

We will assess the shapes, symmetry, angles, feel, bite and texture of your trial smile and decide on the bespoke features you would like to incorporate. The best colour is also chosen on this visit.

Step 3.

The trial smile is removed painlessly and smoothly and the veneers are tried in for verification of fit and aesthetics.

Once approved by both dentist and the patient, the final veneers are permanently fitted onto your teeth. This is followed by a bite-balancing check to ensure your mouth is healthy and stable.

Many of our patients are fitted with veneers immediately (composite veneers) or over the course of just two appointments. The patient is in control the entire time – we are just here to make it happen for you!

Other Aesthetic Treatments

What can Cosmetic Dentistry fix?

At Bespoke Smile, we believe everyone has the right to feel confident in their smile. We as a team are happiest when we know we are transforming someone’s life. Taking the step to make a change means a lot to our patients and that means a lot to us.

Over the last few years, new Innovations in dentistry have been amazing.

Dr Sam Jethwa is passionate about keeping abreast with the latest and safest techniques. He even trains many qualified dentists each year on laser dentistry and keeps up with the most advanced, modern, and minimally invasive dental techniques at The Bespoke Smile Academy.

Our treatment plans can now be painless and instant. So if you want to improve your smile in time for a specific occasion or life event, we can help.

We believe that to master the art of cosmetic dentistry and give you a smile tailored to your individual look requires a diligent multi-faceted approach.

We need to understand what you want and what suits your personality and your face. This is exactly what we do at Bespoke Smile. We never let anyone go home unhappy with their smile.

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What can Cosmetic Dentistry fix?

We have a tailored approach to creating bespoke smiles, which starts with getting to know you and understand what will work for you from a personal, health and aesthetic perspective. If we know what is important to you we can ensure we tailor an affordable solution to suit you.

The shapes of the face, lips, nose and eyes can all impact the beauty of the smile. All of our dentists are expertly trained in understanding how to create the right smile for specific facial features using advanced and creative smile design techniques and trial smiles.

The best first step towards your bespoke smile is to book in for a free consultation. During this consultation, we can talk through your concerns and start to map out the right treatment for you.

A variety of treatment options are available and we can combine several of these options to give you a smile that reflects who you are, the smile you’ve always dreamed of.

What can Cosmetic Dentistry fix?

The cost of cosmetic dentistry varies considerably depending the types of dental treatments you have, which include everything from teeth whitening and veneers to dental implants to contouring and gum lifts.

To help manage your cosmetic dentistry cost we offer 0% finance for up to 24 months. See fees.

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Cosmetic Dentistry Drilldown: What You Need To Know

Cosmetic dentists are not specialists, however, have undergone appropriate and extending dental training to administer life-changing treatments. Concerned with improving the underlying oral foundation and the appearance of a person’s smile, cosmetic dentists work across the teeth, gums and bite and offer minor, instant fixes as well as major reconstructive surgeries.

It depends on the type of treatment – implants costs differ from veneer costs, for example, and as these dental devices are often priced per tooth, it depends on how many and the amount of work required.

Veneers can cost anywhere from £500 to £4,000, depending on the material, the dentist and the preparation. Here, at The Bespoke Smile, our porcelain white crowns start from £850. See the full list of fees here.

Again, treatment costs for different types of cosmetic procedures vary. The costs often depend on the dentist leading the procedure, any additional treatments required to make the procedure a success and the extent of work desired. The cost of cosmetic dentistry can be seen as very beneficial when you take into account the long term oral health benefits, how natural the finished results look and the strength and quality of the materials. Browse our cosmetic dentistry prices here.
Here, at The Bespoke Smile, we believe that every one of our patients should have access to high-quality oral care and effective dental treatments that strengthen their oral foundations and diminishes any insecurities. This is why we have introduced many payment options, which support as many different budgets as possible. As cosmetic dentistry is not redeemable on the NHS and is mainly carried out by private practices, patients can choose from finance or finance options to help them spread the cost of their chosen procedures. Learn more about 0% finance here. Or speak to our practice manager about payment options.
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Our CQC approved top cosmetic dentists have undergone further education approved by the GDC, in order to carry out the most advanced and up-to-date cosmetic treatments.

As cosmetic dentistry transforms your smile and face shape, it’s important to carry out your treatment with a dentist you know and trust.

Impeccable credentials 

  • Best Practice Brand Award & Design (2020)
  • Private Dentistry Awards Practice of The Year 2020 Winner
  • Practice Founder; Dr Sam Jethwa is the President Elect at The British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry.

Having treated hundreds of patients, we are highly sought after in the Buckinghamshire area due to the skill, precision and experience of our cosmetic dentists.

Considered as one of the best cosmetic dentists in the UK, practice owner and celebrity dentist, Dr Sam Jethwa is one of cosmetic dentistry’s rising stars. Starting as a private and specialist dentist in London, Dr Jethwa is now considered one of the leading experts in veneer and smile makeovers.

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