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What are Dental or Teeth Implants?

Dental implants are the modern way to replace missing teeth with a fixed option that you do not need to remove. These teeth implants offer the most natural experience and depending on the situation, we can sometimes provide teeth-in-a-day.

A dental implant is made of titanium and placed into the jawbone where the tooth root would originally have been. The dental implant then fuses into the jawbone. This can take time but ultimately provides a very solid platform to support further restoration such as crowns and bridges or to hold dentures in place.

A dental implant in the UK, as elsewhere, works to replace a single missing tooth or multiple teeth with separate crowns. Implants are generally used to provide fixed replacement teeth that you do not need to remove.

For a single missing tooth, the most commonly recommended option would be a single dental implant treatment. This is the most long-term solution available with predictable results. The replacement crown that sits on top of the dental implant can be designed to match the neighbouring teeth and the other teeth require no treatment.

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The titanium dental implant is fixed into your jawbone and so feels like a normal tooth once the treatment is complete. The top part of the implant is similar to a dental crown and is made of the latest hardwearing porcelain material to look and feel like a new tooth.

A single implant can also be used to support multiple crowns on a bridge or dentures.

It is important to see a highly experienced and knowledgeable dentist for dental implants as they require a great deal of skill and expertise to fit. There are multiple dental implant brands on the market but at Bespoke Smile, we only use the highest-quality dental implants. What’s more, our implant dentists are highly trained in implant dentistry, from straightforward cases to more complex ones.

What About Teeth-in-A-Day?

Traditional dental implants typically require waiting for a few months to allow time for the jawbone to integrate with the titanium implant. However, taking advantage of modern technology, we can now treat you with a system that only takes one dental visit with our Teeth-in-a-Day treatment.

Dental Implant Cost

Implant treatment is especially bespoke given the different requirements for each patient. You may need anywhere between one tooth to a whole jaw of teeth replaced. We therefore recommend a free consultation to determine your individual needs. A single tooth implant can cost in the UK from £1,500 and an implant crown or bridge can cost from £1,750.

Whether you are looking at a single tooth cost or a full mouth implant cost, we offer 0% finance for up to 24 months to help you spread your payments. Learn more about funding implants here.

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