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Dental Implants

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We see many patients who suffer from a missing tooth or teeth that makes them self-conscious, as well as making it hard to eat. We also find patients come to us looking to replace existing dentures with a more stable alternative. For this, dental implants are a perfect long-term, natural-looking solution.

Dental implants must be carefully and precisely planned and placed. Ultimately, our patients are looking for a functional and aesthetic tooth or multiple teeth, so they can eat and chew comfortably whilst being confident smiling in photos and with their family and friends.

Dental Implants from
Bespoke Smile

At Bespoke Smile, Dr Sam Jethwa leads a clinical team of specialists including Dr Pano Kaimakamis, a registered periodontist, with an interest in tissue regeneration, and dentists with special interests, including Dr Gurs Sehmi who has an interest in basic and advanced implant surgery and bone grafts.

This makes the chance of complications extremely low. Seeing a dentist who not only places implants, but works alongside a team that makes the final teeth on these implants, means that treatment can be carried out by experts in each department. Dr Sam Jethwa is also an internationally recognised lecturer on the art of perfecting your smile, and has developed techniques that allow our highly-trained dentists to use their considerable skill to design your perfect smile.

Transform your smile

What are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are the modern way to replace missing teeth with a fixed option that you do not need to remove. Dental implants in the UK are composed of two key elements; the titanium screw that sits below the gum, and the crown that sits above the gum. The crown is designed to match your natural teeth in colour, size and shape, to give a natural look and feel.

In some situations or other clinics, the crowns that fit over the implant are designed purely in the dental laboratory. We do see many patients each month for repeat implant work where lower quality teeth have been used or designed without the bite and look in mind, so we ensure that we design the tooth for you, so that it is exactly what we are expecting in the end. Similar to our aesthetic smile sculpting technique.

Dental implants in the UK offer the most natural experience and depending on the situation, we can sometimes provide teeth-in-a-day. This is a treatment we provide very frequently to replace a full set of teeth with implants.

The Process of Getting
Dental Implants in the UK

Firstly we must plan perfectly, so we will use our world-class in-house Cone Beam CT scan and intra-oral digital scanner, where we will digitally plan implant treatment to micromillimeters. This means we are able to place it with precision to avoid complications.

Step 1:

Create titanium dental implant

A dental implant in the UK is made of titanium and placed into the jawbone where the tooth root would originally have been. This is a painless procedure, and much faster (with far less healing!) than most people think.

Step 2:

Attach titanium dental implant

The dental implant then fuses into the jawbone. This can take time (traditional dental implants typically require waiting for a few weeks or months to allow time for the jawbone to integrate with the titanium implant) but ultimately provides a very solid platform to support further restoration such as crowns and bridges or to hold dentures in place.

Step 3:

Design the crown

The replacement crown that sits on top of the dental implant can be designed to match the neighbouring teeth and the other teeth require no treatment. The titanium dental implant is fixed into your jawbone and so feels like a normal tooth once the treatment is complete. Often we will have one or a few implants as part of a full smile makeover, where we will redesign and improve the rest of the smile together with replacing missing teeth. This approach is something we are known for due to our multiple specialists on site.

Step 4:

Dental implant aftercare

No specialist care will be required following the procedure, however, there are a few simple rules that will need to be followed to ensure the healing period is as comfortable and quick as possible.

Dental Implant Services
from Bespoke Smile

Understanding Which Dental
Implants Are Right For You

We know that it can be difficult searching online to find out what type, brand or size of implant will be your most long-lasting choice. For this reason, our patient care coordinator and our dentists are on hand to help you find the right type of dental implant for you. Whether you’re looking for single implants, multiple implants or full-mouth reconstruction, we have a range of dental services for your individual circumstances.

We even offer mini-implants for those looking to replace missing teeth but either don’t have the bone mass in their jaw to hold conventional implants or aren’t able to undergo complex surgeries. This is also a way of providing some patients with temporary teeth while the permanent implants are healing. In order to plan and deliver treatment of this type, an expert team with a great deal of experience is required.

Discover more about the different types of dental implant below, or contact the practice to discuss your specific needs in more detail during a free, no-obligation consultation.

Bespoke Smile Can Help You With
Dental Implants Costs

A single dental implant in the UK can cost from £1,500 with the implant crown or bridge costing from £1,750. Whether you are looking at a single tooth cost or a full mouth implant cost, we offer 0% finance for up to 24 months to help you spread your payments.

A Life Changing

Dental implants can improve the quality of your life and offer benefits that other cosmetic dentistry treatments like bridges and dentures simply can’t offer. The feeling of a confident smile, and ability to chew and bite without worrying about a denture being loose, or only having to order soft food at a restaurant, is life changing.


Dental Implants
Before & Afters

If you’re feeling nervous about dental implants, here are some before and after photos of the treatment. If you opt for treatment, your dentist will typically take photos of your teeth during the initial consultation and at the end of the treatment so you can compare before and after photos of your teeth.

Dental Implants FAQs

A dental implant is made of titanium and placed into the jawbone where the tooth root would originally have been. The dental implant then fuses into the jawbone. The top part of the implant is similar to a dental crown and is made of hardwearing porcelain to look and feel like a new tooth.

Dental implants in the UK are generally used to replace teeth that you do not need to remove. For a single missing tooth, the most commonly recommended option would be a single dental implant treatment. This is the most long-term solution available with predictable results.

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On average, dental implants can last about 25 years. However, this can vary significantly based on many factors such as lifestyle choices and diet, oral hygiene practices, any pre-existing health issues, the expertise of your dentist, and the implant’s location in your mouth.

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Anything done incorrectly, including bad implant procedures, can cause pain for patients. At Bespoke Smile, the process of getting dental implants is painless because our qualified cosmetic dentists follow the correct implant procedure. As a result, we can deliver a positive experience for patients, and beautiful results for your smile.

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Patient Stories

Explore previous clients who have undertaken the process of sculpting their perfect smile.

Jo jpg


Jo had an existing veneer, and some other aesthetic goals she was able to achieve with Dr Sam Jethwa.

Harriet jpg


Harriet’s smile was making her lose confidence at work. Our dentists were able to bring her confidence back.

Marlon jpg


Marlon was sent to Dr Sam Jethwa by his own dentist, because of a complex bite issue that was getting him down.

gloria jpg

Gloria (Part 1)

Gloria had just beaten Cancer, and wasn’t going to let that stop her! Now was the time for her to find her “tooth faries” Dr Jethwa and Dr Semhi!


Gloria (Part 2)

One year ago, Gloria was told she needed to have all of her bottom teeth removed. Now she’s found Bespoke Smile who make her feel like she’s been “given a second chance”.

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