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Trial Smile

Our World Famous Technique “Smile Sculpting”

Dr Sam explains why his patient's choose the hand made Trial Smile

Our World Famous Technique "Smile Sculpting"

We accept referrals from dentists and word of mouth recommendations specifically for our hand-made trial smile technique, to help patients who are seeking a beautiful smile makeover with predictability, and without the complications.

This technique is also what brings dentists from all over the world to learn at our Bespoke Smile Academy.

Trial your best smile

Results that wow

Our patients will be able to use this trial smile process, where handmade temporary veneers are designed and fitted ahead of the permanent veneer solution, to test the final result first, before we together decide on the final design.

What is a Trial Smile?

When creating a beautiful ultra thin porcelain veneer makeover, there are two areas that we know are important to get right:

1. Preview

We want to preview the final result and experience it in real life before we decide on the final design.

2. Long Lasting

We want everything our patient’s have done to last the longest amount of time it can last.

The home of

Smile Sculpting

Bespoke Smile’s handmade trial smile is a unique process that cannot be found elsewhere. This is because it is a difficult technique, but Dr Jethwa and the clinical team have been specifically trained to provide this for every porcelain veneer treatment. It was created to give patients the chance to live with temporary veneers and feedback any changes to us, to create their perfect smile.
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Why the Trial Smile
Dental Veneers?

"we hand make this design individually for each patient"

Because we hand make this design individually for each patient, it allows us to amend it to be exactly what we want before anything is finalised. This is worlds away from a traditional “wax up” or technician-made design, that after years of placing thousands of porcelain veneers, I feel is not the way to ensure the result is as bespoke and harmonious with the patient’s face as it should be.

What patients may not be aware of is that temporary veneers made in a laboratory, or using digital design/wax up, are made from templated tooth shapes and designs. When you choose Bespoke Smile, your veneers never come from a template. Each one is created bespoke, individual for each patient, as we understand that teeth shapes and aesthetics are bespoke to us, and should never be off the shelf. That is where my technique comes in, for people who want a smile tailored to them.

– Dr Sam Jethwa

How we work

The Trial Smile Process


1. The Trial Smile Visit

The temporary veneers are handmade from composite resin, to preview the look and feel of the smile. You leave with the new design.


2. Return Visit

On your return at the “bespoke choices” visit, we’ll assess how you look, function, and feel with your new smile.

2. Creation

This is then reviewed and copied by our ceramists into your final ultra thin porcelain veneers.

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Watch the entire process in just 60 seconds!

A New Smile

When living with your temporary veneers, you’ll be able to get used to the look and feel of your new smile, and allow us to assess the shapes, symmetry and angles to create a bespoke design that compliments your face. We’ll also test the bite to be sure your new veneers last.

The trial smile offers you the opportunity to trial your new smile before it is fitted. It is a provisional temporary veneer, applied directly to prepared teeth, which will show you how your new smile will appear before you make any permanent changes.


Client Handmade Trial
Smile Before & Afters

These designs are then successfully copied into the final porcelain veneers

What are Temporary Veneers?

Temporary veneers are typically a thin acrylic covering that is attached over your natural tooth to improve the appearance of your smile. Most temporary veneers are made from acrylic or composite resin and look very similar to the permanent porcelain veneers.

Bespoke Smile’s temporary veneers are handcrafted from very hard plastic and composite materials, designed to replicate exactly what your new set of custom veneers will look like. Whenever we undertake veneer or implant dental work, we will use temporary veneers as part of the Trial Smile process to be sure you’re 100% happy with your results.

What are the Benefits of
Temporary Veneers

We invest a lot of time ensuring that you are happy and comfortable at all times. The advantage Trial Smile process is that it gives you complete control and predictability so that you can view the end results and continue without risk.

Spending time with temporary veneers allows you the time to reflect and decide if your designed smile is exactly how you want it before the final restoration or placement is made.

If you imagine this process like finding a wedding dress, where there would be multiple fittings, adjustments and alterations before you’re ready to wear it down the aisle. Like a wedding dress, we do these checks and alterations to be sure we’ve found your ‘perfect fit’.

Using temporary veneers as part of the Trial Smile process…

  • Allows you to make and assess any changes
  • Gives you complete control over the final look
  • Gives us the opportunity to advise on shape/alignment
  • Gives you the chance to try different types of smiles and which look the best
  • Restores confidence and initiates trust

How Much Do Temporary Veneers Cost?

At Bespoke Smile, we offer 0% finance on our temporary veneers and all other cosmetic dentistry work.
Regardless of whether you are looking at a single temporary veneer or to transform your entire smile, our 0% finance plans help you spread your payments up to 24 months.
Bespoke Smile Academy

Bespoke Smile Academy

Learn from the best

Bespoke Smile Academy is the only place dentists can come to gain a post graduate diploma in porcelain veneers.

We’re allowing dentists to take their cosmetic dentistry to the next level, in an intimate and close setting. Additionally, all our technicians and dentists have training at the Bespoke Smile Academy to provide tailor-made results.

Patient Stories

Explore previous clients who have undertaken the process of sculpting their perfect smile.

Jo jpg


Jo had an existing veneer, and some other aesthetic goals she was able to achieve with Dr Sam Jethwa.

Harriet jpg


Harriet’s smile was making her lose confidence at work. Our dentists were able to bring her confidence back.

Marlon jpg


Marlon was sent to Dr Sam Jethwa by his own dentist, because of a complex bite issue that was getting him down.

gloria jpg

Gloria (Part 1)

Gloria had just beaten Cancer, and wasn’t going to let that stop her! Now was the time for her to find her “tooth faries” Dr Jethwa and Dr Semhi!


Gloria (Part 2)

One year ago, Gloria was told she needed to have all of her bottom teeth removed. Now she’s found Bespoke Smile who make her feel like she’s been “given a second chance”.

Temporary Veneer FAQs

Temporary veneers, referred to at Bespoke Smile as Trial Smile, should look like natural teeth. We use temporary veneers to find the perfect style, shape, colour and texture so that when we fit your permanent veneers, you’re happy with the end result.
You will wear your temporary veneers for 1-2 weeks to get used to the look and feel, before we bring you back to fit your permanent veneers.
There are certain foods we recommend avoiding when you have your temporary veneers, and these are hard foods (for example, apples, toffee, popcorn, crunch bread, boiled sweets) or foods that stain (for example red wine, coffee, colas, berries, ketchup, turmeric)

If you have eaten or drunk something that has stained your temporary veneers, you will need to contact us for an appointment, so we can remove the discolouration. Temporary veneers, due to the material they are made from, are more porous than the ceramic permanent veneers we create, and are more susceptible to staining.

You probably should go back to your dentist to remove the coloration. Veneer temps are more porous than the porcelain will be and will pick up that kind of stain. Your dentist may need to remove some of the outer layer of plastic to remove the stain.

Temporary veneers are not as durable as permanent veneers, so that we can easily remove them at the end of your Trial Smile. Try to avoid biting on hard foods as they may damage the temporary veneer, and avoid foods and drinks that could cause staining.
Our temporary veneers are handcrafted from very hard plastic and composite materials.

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“We create attractive, healthy confident smiles for patients that last for years.”

Dr Sam Jethwa