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At Bespoke Smile we are committed to providing the best possible oral health care for our patients. We offer fully comprehensive, detailed examinations and assessments to keep your teeth and gums as healthy as possible.

We are committed to educating our patients on oral health care and how protecting themselves on a daily basis is the best way to prevent future dental problems. Here are Dr Lydia’s top seven tips on oral health:

  • Brush twice a day using an electric toothbrush
  • Avoid sugars and acidic drinks
  • Brush before breakfast
  • Floss daily
  • Attend regular hygeinist visits.
  • Have regular X-rays and dental assessments.
  • Avoid online teeth-whitening products and visit your dentist for safe teeth whitening
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Our Approach to General Dental Care:

Our dentists and care staff are passionate about ensuring an excellent standard of oral care. We recommend annual examinations where we check each tooth for any signs of inflammation or potential issues.

All of our dentists have invested heavily in postgraduate training and are highly skilled to identify bite problems, which helps our patients avoid muscle pain, worn teeth and other dental health issues.

We recommend treatments as and when required to ensure we deal with problems before they escalate and are able to offer referrals where required. We treat every patient comprehensively so that future treatment involves minimal intervention and emergency dental problems rarely occur.

Our dentists use an array of techniques to check your mouth during examinations and remain at the forefront of UK dentistry. These techniques include:

  • Visual examinations to carefully assess all surfaces of each tooth in your mouth to detect any breakages, infection (decay), fracture lines or deterioration of existing fillings
  • Oral cancer screening to check for any signs of oral cancer in the lips, gum, mouth, tongue, throat, oropharynx and vocal cords using visual and advanced blue light technology
  • Digital X-rays and radiographs to give different views of the inside of the tooth, bone, and surrounding tissue to detect any anomalies in the tooth structure or bone; this is especially important when the outside of the tooth looks normal but the tooth is giving you symptoms such as pain or irritation
  • Focussed light reflected onto the teeth to determine changes in the tooth tissues, such as micro-fractures or minute decay
  • Photography using our advanced SLR camera set up for noticing potentially damaging changes over time
  • The age-old art of conversation to uncover any pain or discomfort you are experiencing in your mouth.

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