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What is Involved in The Veneer Process?

Last medically reviewed by : August 24, 2021

If you suffer from misaligned, damaged, crooked or discoloured teeth, then veneers can be the solution to help you gain your confidence back and start living your life with the confidence you are worthy of. 

However, veneers are not a solely cosmetic procedure.

They can help strengthen teeth that already have some slight decay and they can target a number of other dental issues such as misalignment, gaps and under or oversized teeth.

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Consultation prior to the treatment

During this stage, we get to know our patients and take the time to find out their personal needs but to also carry out an evaluation to decipher what we think will work best for them.

You will have a one-on-one meeting with a qualified member of our team, where you can discuss any concerns you have regarding your oral health, aesthetic goals and worries, dental anxieties or concerns about pain.

Assessment and planning

We will carry out a detailed analysis of your oral health, to ensure we do not need to carry out any additional procedures prior to fitting the veneers. We will assess your teeth, gums and bite.

We will complete a Cosmetic Smile Analysis, which might include scans and photographs to understand the full detail across all teeth.

We utilise advanced digital smile design software and artistic drawings so that our dentists can provide you with a preview of your smile makeover. Here, you have the chance to adjust and amend anything you do not like.

The 3 step treatment

At Bespoke Smile we use a 3 step journey for our patients looking for veneers:

  1. Trial smile
  • To ensure our patients are 100% happy with their new smile before we apply the veneers, we will hand-design a bespoke trail smile created using composite resin for the teeth you wish to improve.
  • Additionally, we can provide a gum lift and additional shaping using a pain-free laser. This is an extremely difficult procedure so only experts can provide it, and this additional benefit is one of the many reasons that make Bespoke stand out amidst other dentists.
  • Our dentists are internationally trained and highly experienced using this technique. 
  1. Bespoke choices and colour visit
  • This step gives you the opportunity to personalise your results. 
  • We will consider the shapes; symmetry, angles, feel, bite, and texture of the trial smile and decide on the bespoke features that you would like to incorporate.
  • We will also use this session to decide which colour suits you best.
  1. Fitting visit
  • In the final stage, your trial smile will be removed and the permanent veneers are fitted onto the teeth.
  • We will also carry out a comprehensive bite balancing to ensure the mouth is healthy and stable. 

Now that you are confident about what is involved, there may be some questions remaining in your mind…

Are veneers done in one day?

Veneers are not done in one day, however, it is one of the fastest and most effective treatment methods for improving your smile.

As mentioned previously, there are several stages involved including the assessment and trial smile stage. Click here to read a full explanation of our 3 step journey. 

Will my teeth need to be shaved for veneers?

Not always, here at the Bespoke Smile, we favour no prep or minimal prep on the teeth.

Typically, only 0.5-1mm of enamel will be shaved off prior to the veneer application, if needed.

Are veneers painful?

The experience of getting veneers should not be painful if done correctly. Sometimes, if teeth have to be removed for whatever reason prior to treatment, this can cause discomfort for patients. However, you will be put under local anaesthetic if this has to be the case.

Why Dr Sam Jethwa?

At Bespoke Smile we believe it is important that we do all we can to ensure our patients are comfortable and confident with their smile.

Our leading dentist Dr Sam Jethwa is a director at the British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry and was recently featured in Hello! magazine for his exceptional work.

Sam has treated celebs including Cheryl Hole from Ru Paul’s drag show and Gillian Taylforth for her new set of veneers.

View some of his other work here

Well-known in the industry, Dr Jethwa teaches and lectures to dentists all over Europe on veneers.

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