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Trial Smile

Last medically reviewed by : August 23, 2021

Trial Smiles to Preview Your New Smile Makeover

Trial smiles are unique to each and every patient. 

Our master ceramists have been highly trained and achieve fantastic results, and the trial smile technique can attribute to our success.

The temporary veneers will be designed to replicate exactly what your new set of custom veneers will look like.

Whenever we prescribe any cosmetic dental work, our patients will always receive and be fitted with a trial smile on their visit to the Bespoke Smile.

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What is a trial smile?

Trial smiles are used to preview veneers and dental implants.

Trial smiles offer patients the opportunity to trial their new smile before it is fitted.

It is a provisional temporary smile, which is applied directly to prepared teeth, which will present to you how your new smile will appear before you make any changes.

Imagine it like a test-drive.

How is it made?

We are committed to providing the best possible service in the dentistry fieldHandcrafted from very hard plastic and composite materials, the trial smile is created within your mouth and not displayed on a model of your teeth.

This is so we can see exactly how the new teeth will look.

It is used whenever the smile is being changed or altered in any way, regardless of the number of teeth being improved.

The benefits

The advantage of this system is that it gives the patient complete control and predictability so that they can view the end results and continue without risk.

It allows patients the time to reflect and decide if their designed smile is as exactly how they want it before the final restoration or placement is made.

More pros include:

  • Allows the patient to communicate their requirements exactly as they imagine
  • Gives the patient complete control over the final look of their procedure
  • Restores confidence and initiates trust
  • Gives the dentist the opportunity to advise better on shape and alignment
  • Get the chance to try different types of smiles and which look the best
  • Allows patients to make and assess any changes

As specialists and cosmetic dentists, we take no risks when it comes to designing and applying your dream smile.

Included in your cosmetic cost, you will have work carried out by expert dentists in their chosen fields, who take the time to craft and hand design your smile to perfection.

We invest a lot of time ensuring that our patients are happy and comfortable at all times.

Our trial smile techniques allow patients to make any final changes, or for us to advise further how we can adjust and perfect the fit. This is to ensure everything looks and functions as it’s supposed to.

About Bespoke Smile

We use the latest technology and advanced digital techniques to design and create long-lasting, beautiful smiles for our patients.

Here, at the Bespoke Smile, each of our dental specialists approaches each treatment on a case-by-case basis.

We understand that no two smiles or the same, which means our patients need a reliable and personal approach.

With us, we provide personalised treatment plans which are specifically tailored to you so that we can attain maximum results with minimal fuss.