We at Bespoke Smile, do not take chances when it comes to treating our patients. That is why all our dentists have invested an incredible amount of time and money into training themselves to be the best dentists they can be.

Through this, and through treating hundreds of patients a year with complex dental situations, we have identified the 2 biggest causes of failure.

1. AESTHETIC FAILURE – it doesn’t look the way we wished it would
2. FUNCTIONAL FAILURE – things break or need to be replaced

Our dentists mainly treat new patients that book a free consultation, who are either looking for the absolute best, or patients who’s a regular dentist cannot help them. This is why we utilise our trial smile technique to ensure that our patients and we, can test drive the final results, from an aesthetic and a functional perspective, before we finalise the smile. Our master ceramists have been trained personally by Dr Sam Jethwa in advanced techniques, which mean they are able to copy and finesse this trial smile into the final results that we are expecting. No surprises – limiting failure – predictable, quality dentistry.

Page last updated and checked by Dr Sam Jethwa: August 17, 2020