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Dental Veneers Videos

Dental Veneer FAQs: Full playlist

Dr Sam Jethwa answers the most common questions on dental veneers we receive here at Bespoke Smile. From ‘can dental veneers break‘ and ‘how much do veneers cost‘ to ‘ are veneers worth it’ and ‘do you have to drill teeth for veneers’.

If you have a question about living with veneers or the process of getting veneers, chances are, Dr Sam Jethwa has answered it! Take a look at the playlist below:

Watch the Process: Full playlist

Are you considering veneers and want to understand more about the process? Perhaps even see it? We have videos of patients undergoing both veneer fitting and full Trial Smile fitting.

Take a look at the process of getting veneers below:

The Trial Smile Process: Full playlist

Dr Sam Jethwa’s handmade technique ‘Trial Smile’ is world-famous, and taught at the Bespoke Smile Academy to dentists around the world. The Trial Smile is a technique that can’t be found anywhere else, with the Bespoke Smile team trained to provide this for patients.

Looking to discover more about the Trial Smile process? Take a look at our full playlist below:

Sofa Series: Full playlist

The Sofa Series is all about honesty. Dr Sam Jethwa discusses his thoughts on ‘Trends in Dentistry’, ‘Why Dental Mutilation is never right’ and the difference between ‘Creating a Natural (Not ‘Perfect’) Smile’.

It’s an insight into how the team at Bespoke Smile make decisions on their hospitality, treatment, and ongoing practices. Discover more below:

Case Studies: Full playlist

Want to explore previous cases? Dr Sam Jethwa runs through previous patient cases, from how he uses veneers to fix a crooked smile to avoiding teeth drilling in all cases.

Discover Bespoke Smile case studies below:

Patient Stories: Full playlist

Discover stories from our previous patients with Patient Stories. From resolving lifelong confidence issues, to perfecting wedding day smiles, the team at Bespoke Smile certainly know how to put a (beautiful!) smile back on their patients faces!

See more patient stories on the full playlist below:

Replacing existing veneers?

If you’ve found yourself dissatisfied with veneers done by a previous dentist, we understand your frustration. Your smile should be a source of confidence and joy, and we’re here to make sure it is!

Choosing to replace your existing veneers can be a game-changer. Whether it’s an issue of aesthetics, durability, or discomfort, our experienced cosmetic dentistry team, led by Dr. Sam Jethwa, is here to guide you through the process.

Curious about what the process entails? Dr. Jethwa has prepared a comprehensive guide just for you. In his guide, he’ll walk you through everything you need to know about replacing veneers. From understanding the reasons for replacement to the step-by-step procedure, it’s your roadmap to a smile makeover.

Begin your journey to a more confident you today! Click below to access Dr. Sam Jethwa’s guide and start exploring the possibilities of replacing your existing veneers.

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