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At Bespoke Smile, we make sure to provide our patients with all of the information they need in order to care for their smile as best as possible.

Lumineers: Traditionally Thinner Veneers

No preparation or teeth trimming before application  | Good value for money | Semi-permanent but can be safely removed | Only two appointments required

Not as long-lasting (still often 20 years+) | Not always as suitable to hide chips or other tooth damage

As the cosmetic dental industry continues to improve and adapt there is an increasing range of treatments available to fix discoloured, stained, crooked, worn, and narrow smiles rapidly and easily. 

At Bespoke Smile, we help our patients find the perfect treatment so they can carry on with their lives, free from the smile issues that might be holding them back.

The most common complaints we hear from our patients often involve narrow arches in the mouth, discolouration, and misaligned bites.

Our skilled and experienced team can provide fast and effective solutions using veneers to treat these issues comfortably and without the use of drilling.

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Why are Lumineers so popular?

Lumineers are a unique, ultra-thin variation of veneers. At approximately 0.2mm, the custom-made shells slip onto the problem teeth and will leave you with the straight, sparkling white smile you crave.

The shells are translucent and the shade can be adjusted depending on your needs, making it easy to customise your final look. The entire procedure requires no drilling or anesthetic and is also often reported by our patients as painless.

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Lumineers effectively target common oral issues

Lumineers vs Porcelain veneers

Who is The Ideal Patient | How Do They Work? | Are There Any Disadvantages?

before and after veneer procedure

Traditional veneers are made of porcelain and it usually takes longer to prep the teeth for application.

The process of getting Lumineers takes around two visits.

Although this can vary dependent on the work you needed to be done prior to the fitting, it is generally a quicker option than traditional veneers.

Lumineers are a rare option and the brand is only offered by some dentists. They are manufactured by DenMat dental laboratory and they are thinner, cheaper, and faster to apply.

Since the procedure is an intricate one, it is vital that you choose a practice where the clinicians are experienced, qualified and skilled.

Dr Sam Jethwa is a highly recommended cosmetic dentist, who has spent years helping patients with veneer placements and will be able to advise you on the type of brand and style that is most suitable to correct your oral issue.

Having won multiple awards for his dentistry, he has treated a wide variety of celebrity clients including Cheryl Hole from Ru Paul’s drag show and Gillian Taylforth for her new sets of veneers. This attests to the unmatchable quality we offer.

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The many benefits of Lumineers

  • The procedure is painless and minimally invasive
  • You can achieve a completely new smile in just two appointments
  • You can target multiple issues at once e.g. recover stained teeth to their original whiteness and reshape an eroded tooth in a single process
  • The veneers are ultrathin which means they can work around crowns and bridgework
  • Since they replicate the appearance of natural enamel and provide a shell over the tooth, Lumineers may aid in fighting the penetration of bacteria, avoiding further decay
  • If cared for properly, veneers can last up to 20 years
  • Minimally invasive/Low cost

See more advantages of veneers here.

What teeth preparation is involved?

For straightforward cases where only a limited number of teeth require a veneer, you can complete the Lumineer treatment in as little as two appointments.

If you have additional oral issues that need to be addressed then you may require an extra appointment.

Generally, the treatment will involve:

Appointment 1:

We will carry out a thorough assessment of your smile and discuss your goals and desires for your teeth.

We can then make an impression and send your mould to the studio for your veneers to be manufactured.

At this stage, we can also decide on your chosen shade for your teeth.

Appointment 2:

If you require an additional appointment, we can incorporate a trial smile, where you have the opportunity to test-drive your final smile to ensure you are fully satisfied. Read more here.

See one of our happy patients wearing their trial smile here.

After we know you are happy and the smile fits perfectly, we can move forward to the final veneer fitting stage, applying your custom-designed Lumineer smile.

Since this treatment requires no invasive drilling it provides little inconvenience for our patients.

Which veneer option is best for me?

We provide alternative veneer options alongside the pioneering approach of Lumineers and encourage you to book a free consultation appointment before deciding which option is best for you.

For example, if you have additional damage or more severely stained teeth then Lumineers may not be the best option.

We can run through these prerequisites in a quick virtual consultation.

Why do patients choose us?

Bespoke Smile has continued to prosper, consistently providing our patients with the results they deserve time and time again.

Every day we put our patients first and combine true dental expertise and with a creative approach to transforming lives through the power of excellent quality dentistry.

We pride ourselves on:

  • Reputation: See our recent award nominations.
  • Experience: Sam has been practising cosmetic, restorative and preventive dentistry since 2012.
  • Artistry: View the work we have done here.

Our guiding motivation is happy patients and we know that impressive results, solid communication and friendly, care-centred dentistry are the best inputs to achieve this outcome.

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Make your appointment today and get the smile you are worthy of.

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