SMALL teeth? Here’s what you can do about it.


“I hate my small teeth”

“I can’t see my teeth when I smile”

“I feel like my teeth look small”

“I think my teeth are too small for my face”

“my teeth are tiny!”

Does this sound like you???

Read on to learn what causes small teeth and what you can do about it!

Causes of small teeth:

Worn down teeth

  • Over time, people who have high acid
    diets, (lemon water for eg) will cause
    erosion and wear down their teeth
  • People who use acidic dental products
    such as fake news whitening with banana
    peel or over use of charcoal abrasive
    products will wear down their teeth
  • People who have a bite problem, and are
    grinding their teeth through buxism or
    clenching of their jaws

Mis proportioned teeth

  • Sometimes, our teeth are just out of
    proportion with our faces, and just
    develop to be small teeth, small teeth
    would be fine in a small face, but they
    would look too small in someone who’s
    face needs bigger teeth. Success in
    cosmetic dentistry is for the dentist to
    really and truly understand proportion so
    create and help you to choose the right
    size teeth for you – you don’t want to end
    up with teeth are too big!

Spaced teeth

  • Often gappy teeth and small teeth go
    hand in hand, because the development
    of the jaw developed to accommodate
    the correct sized teeth, but the teeth
    never came out that size. That is why
    there are spaces between the teeth.!

What can you do about small teeth?

Visit our smile gallery to see examples of small teeth smiles we have treated


  • Veneers without extensive tooth preparation, or ultra thin or super thin
    veneers will mean little to no touching of the tooth an a beautiful long
    lasting result. With veneers, using a hand made trial smile method, that
    Dr Sam Jethwa is internationally recognised for, proportion can be
    improved, without teeth appearing too big, spaces can be closed, and
    most other aspects of the smile can be improved. Find out more about
    veneers here

Composite bonding

  • You can use composite resin, which is a white filling material to shape,
    add, and improve the overall look of the teeth. There are many
    advantages to this treatment option. To check if it is right for you please
    click here


  • Braces do not need to be ugly or metal anymore! Now you can close
    gappy teeth spacing up using clear aligners