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Fix gaps in teeth (diastema)

Last medically reviewed by : August 23, 2021

gaps in your mouth can cause you to be self conscious

Gappy smiles: Close gaps in between teeth

Many of our patients feel self-conscious about the issue and are interested in the best ways to close the gaps and align their smile.

Sometimes teeth gaps can lead to more serious oral issues, but they are generally one of the less serious dental issues and the strongest motivating factor to fix their gaps is cosmetic needs.

If you are not happy with the look of your smile and want to close the gaps between your teeth, there are many options to treat diastemas.

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What causes recesses?

If the gap between your teeth is more than 0.5mm, it is often referred to as a diastema.

There is a range of factors that may contribute to unevenly spaced teeth.

As children, most of us go through a stage of having “gappy teeth,” and when our adult teeth come in, the gaps usually close by themselves.

However, there are some reasons why the gaps may remain into or occur in adulthood:

  • Teeth to jawbone ratio: If your teeth are too small in relation to your jawbone, then you are more likely to develop gaps between your teeth as your mouth reaches its adult size.
  • Gum disease: One symptom of gum disease is that inflammation results in damage to the bone that supports the teeth then your teeth tend to move.
  • Teeth loss: If you lose teeth due to ageing and decay it can leave unsightly gaps in your mouth.
  • Bad habits: Habits such as thumb sucking or lip sucking can put unnecessary pressure on the front teeth, often moving them forward or shifting them out of their original position.
  • Labial frenum issues: This is the tissue which extends from the internal part of the upper lip to the gum above the top front teeth. If it is larger than normal, it can create a gap between these teeth.

Is it possible to fix gaps without braces?

At Bespoke Smile we believe it is important that we do all we can to ensure our patients are comfortable and confident with their smile.Thankfully, with advances in dental care, there are many ways to solve teeth gaps.

At Bespoke we offer a range of different types of treatment to suit you, whatever your personal requirements.

These include:

  • Braces: This is one of the most common treatments for diastemas. Braces work by putting subtle pressure on the teeth so that they will eventually move into the desired position, therefore closing the gap organically over time.
  • Veneers: A more common option if your diastema is the result of your teeth being too small for your mouth. Although braces obviously do not adjust the size of your teeth, with veneers you can choose the size and shade of your teeth and even the width of your smile.
  • Implants/bridges: Dependent on your particular case, you may need additional dental work done to close your teeth gap. The implant process involves inserting a metal screw into the jawbone then attaching a replacement tooth and a dental bridge consists of a false tooth which is held in place by a bridge-like device attached to the two surrounding teeth on either side of the gap.

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How do I know which option to choose?

Although all treatments are effective – and we would not offer treatments that are not – the main deciding factor is usually how long are you willing to wait to fix your issue.

Braces are a popular choice for people who do not mind the 6-12 month period they will have to wear them and wait for the results.

However, if you are looking for a quicker, more efficient option then veneers are a great solution.

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