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Uneven, short, worn or broken teeth

Last medically reviewed by : August 24, 2021

At Bespoke, we prioritise in customising and adjusting treatment methods and styles to perfectly suit our patients needs. We don’t promote a one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to teeth.

Worn & Damaged Teeth

If there is a lack of harmony between your bite, your upper and lower teeth may rub against each other which can eventually wear away your teeth and leave you with a mouth fall of slightly smaller-than-desirable teeth.

Often an embarrassing problem for our patients, short and worn teeth can not only cause problems with your oral health but leave you feeling unable to smile confidently and proudly.

For working professionals, who are in customer-facing roles especially may feel the pressure to hide their smile even more and wish to find fast and effective solutions to treat their condition.

As expert cosmetic dentists, we can provide impactful treatments at an affordable price.

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How can I fix short teeth?

The medical term for teeth that are too small for your mouth is “microdontia.”

It is usually the case for one or two teeth, rather than your whole mouth of teeth being affected.

If you have several teeth that are too small for your mouth, this won’t only cause superficial issues but it can lead to further dental problems.

If your bite is uneven due to short, worn or broken teeth you may eventually suffer from pain, a clicking jaw, or loose, broken or fractured teeth.

In some cases, you may also become susceptible to migraines.

Some of the best treatment methods include; bonding, crowns, veneers or a combination of several treatment types depending on your issues.

No two case is the same when it comes to dentistry, so no two treatment method we employ will be exactly the same for different patients.

We offer specialised treatments and bespoke results for absolutely every patient.

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Types of wear and erosion on your teeth

  • Attrition: This occurs when there is an uneven or unstable tooth-on-tooth contact. Often due to incorrect positioning or uneven sizing, two teeth wear each other down until one of them is removed. If you are susceptible to teeth grinding, e.g. as a nervous habit you may already suffer from attrition.
  • Abrasion: Usually caused by an abrasive substance, things like toothpaste or a toothbrush with the wrong type of bristles can eventually have a detrimental impact on the teeth.
  • Erosion: This is caused by a chemical substance causing the tooth to wear away e.g. acidic foods or fizzy drinks.

What can be done to fix a broken/damaged tooth?

example of a narrow smilePorcelain | Laminate | Composite | Emax

Dental veneers are one method used to treat broken teeth.

They are able to fix a wide variety of issues including gappy smiles, discolouration and crooked teeth.

Veneers are a two-birds-one-stone solution; not only do they fix broken teeth but they will also give you a straighter, whiter and brighter smile.

Used for both restorative and cosmetic procedures, they are a perfect option for helping you not only achieve teeth that function effectively but a smile that you are proud of.

Veneer guide:

How long does it take to treat fractured teeth?

The time required to fix your broken chipped or worn teeth will depend on the complexity of your issue and your chosen treatment method. 

Generally, a more severely damaged tooth will require a more lengthy (or more expensive) treatment.

If you choose veneers as your treatment method you can fix your broken tooth in as little as 3 appointments, including planning, preparation and bonding stage.

See: Fees.

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All of our patients are unique, and no two mouths are the same.

For this reason, all of our treatments utilise a bespoke approach. Getting to know you, your oral history and your current dental health is vital to giving you the results you deserve.

For this reason, we recommend booking a free consultation meeting with one of our staff members to discuss your specific concerns and options.

We have an enthusiastic team on hand well-equipped with the knowledge and expertise needed to guide you towards your dream smile.

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“I love working at Bespoke Smile because I get to focus on the patient completely, this is rare in dentistry and is only possible because the Bespoke Directors ensure we have the time to do the right thing by the patients.” 

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