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Ageing, Discolouration & Restore Decayed Teeth

Last medically reviewed by : September 8, 2021

treat fluorisis or discolouration with veneers

Shades of Decay: Tooth Discoloration & Ageing

Teeth discolouration and stained teeth are simply another (often dreaded!) aspect of ageing.

No matter how well you stick to your oral hygiene routine, over time the outer surface (or the enamel) of your teeth will likely become stained.

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What Causes Teeth Discolouration?

The rate and intensity of teeth discolouration can be increased by red wine, coffee, tea, sweets and poor oral hygiene habits.

The different types of discolouration can be organised into three categories:

  • Extrinsic: Refers to teeth staining on the outer enamel, usually caused by food, drinks or smoking.
  • Intrinsic: Refers to the darkening of tooth’s structure (the dentin) and it can be caused by excessive fluoride exposure during childhood or the use of certain antibiotics.
  • Age-related: This is a combination of extrinsic and intrinsic. The enamel on your teeth becomes thinner over time, meaning that any intrinsic damage will be more likely to show as you age.

Are There Any Ways to Prevent It?

Generally, the best ways to prevent teeth discolouration is to avoid substances that are known to stain as much as possible, ensure you have a solid brushing and flossing routine and organise a deep cleaning treatment with your dentist when possible.

When it comes to intrinsic stains it is harder to manage.

Nerve damage in the pulp of the tooth may be prevented by root canal treatment, where organic material is removed before it decays and darkens, however, his treatment is not recommended unless necessary.

Can the Effects of Discolouration be Reversed?

Discolouration may be removed using a bleaching agent and this option is cost and time effective and will leave your teeth noticeably whiter.

However, it is important that you have this done safely and don’t buy into the many illegal teeth whitening products that are currently being sold.

Simple treatments: Teeth whitening

Bespoke Smile provides in-studio safe and effective whitening, as well as at-home whitening kits that you know, re reliable.

When you purchase an at-home whitening kit from us you can trace back where the product originally came from, whereas if you buy another teeth whitening substance online you have no idea where it originally came from and there is no one you can hold accountable for if you suffer from any unwanted reactions or the treatment doesn’t work.

How can veneers help with discolouration?

At Bespoke Smile our work is guided by the artistry of dentistry.

Porcelain veneers do not stain as the material is resistant to discolouration. Veneers are able to fix a wide variety of issues including worn or broken teeth, gappy smiles, and crooked teeth.

Along with bleaching solutions, veneers are a popular method of addressing the issue of yellowing teeth.

Veneers are made from thin porcelain material and can cover almost any inadequacy – whether your tooth is too yellow or too small.

Veneers can treat the most severe discord of teeth and it is a solution to address both intrinsic or extrinsic discolouration.

You will not only be left with a brighter and whiter smile; but one that is straighter, stronger, more attractive and more suited to your personal desires.

The complete veneer guide:

Is it possible for veneers to stain?

Porcelain veneers do not stain as the material is resistant to discolouration.

However, the dental cement which is used to secure the veneers can discolour over time.

This is easily fixed with a simple visit to the practice, where your dentist can clean the cement and brighten your smile again.

Veneers usually last up to 20 years, so they are a durable, long-term whitening solution.

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At Bespoke Smile our work is guided by the artistry of dentistry.

Too many practices focus solely on the scientific, leaving the aesthetics to come second-class.

We give full attention to both of these aspects, meaning that we consistently provide beautiful and durable results and happy patients.

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