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Are Dental Veneers The Right Choice For You?

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Are Dental Veneers The Right Choice For You?

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What are dental veneers?

Dental veneers are thin shells that attach to the front of the teeth to improve their appearance. They’re usually composed of porcelain or resin composite materials and are bonded to your teeth permanently.

This cosmetic procedure can correct a variety of issues, including chipped teeth, crooked teeth, broken teeth, discolouration, or undersized teeth.

When a tooth is cracked or chipped, some people only need one veneer, but most people need six to eight veneers to achieve an equal, symmetrical smile. Veneers are most typically used on the upper eight front teeth.


Why choose dental veneers?

In cosmetic dentistry, veneers are one of the fastest and most durable ways to transform specific teeth or an entire smile.

At Bespoke Smile, we use super-thin veneers. As a result, the procedure is less invasive. Our highly skilled artistic ceramists can create veneers as thin as 0.5mm thick.

Ultra-thin samples of veneers do not involve filling off your tooth enamel.

This makes our dental veneers treatment the gold standard in terms of beauty, longevity and dental protection for suitable candidates.

According to WebMD, “Veneers are not a good choice for people with unhealthy teeth (for example, those with decay or active gum disease), weakened teeth (as a result of decay, fracture, large dental fillings), or for those who don’t have enough existing enamel on the tooth surface.”

Am I a suitable candidate?

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Benefits of dental veneers

Veneers fix a lot of oral problems.

Typically veneers are used to create a more even smile and are also used ‘non-cosmetically’ to strengthen weakened or chipped teeth in some cases. They can also correct multiple issues at once like small teeth, missing teeth, and crooked teeth.

Although people often think veneers are simply a cosmetic treatment, there are many benefits beyond the obvious aesthetic appeal that they will leave you with a beautiful smile.

Why should I get veneers?

  • Increase your confidence
  • Treat many minor dental issues at once
  • Fast and effective
  • Low maintenance
  • They require little drilling or preparation
  • Long-lasting and durable

As we are coating the natural tooth with the veneer – we create an even smile with stronger, natural-looking, whiter teeth.

Why choose our veneers?

Our clinical lead, Dr Sam Jethwa places over 1,000 veneers a year for his lucky patients and is an internationally recognised lecturer on the subject.

He has developed techniques that allow the cosmetic dentist to leverage their considerable skill and artistic flair to design a patient’s perfect smile.

Our veneers are hand-designed by the dentist, and all of our cosmetic technicians and dentists have trained at the Bespoke Smile Academy to provide tailor-made results.

What materials are used for veneers?

At Bespoke Smile we use a variety of different types of veneers, including:

We have developed our blend of stunning porcelain veneers with our master ceramists and dental laboratory technicians. These veneers remain reliable for 10–20 years if you practise regular brushing, flossing, dental check-ups and hygienist appointments.

Read more on maintenance and aftercare.

Our dentists are expertly trained in placing veneers using the right materials and cosmetic treatment options to ensure your new smile is uniform, even, and consistently strong.

Porcelain veneers are also more stain-resistant and durable than composite bonding if looked after properly.

We are so confident in the quality of our restorations that we provide a guarantee with all of our porcelain restorations for 3 years.

Composite bonding: bonding is a fast, non-invasive procedure that can usually be completed in a single appointment where a composite resin is attached to the tooth to restore its natural shape and colour.

Veneers on model

How are veneers fitted?

At Bespoke Smile, we use a 3 step journey for our patients looking for veneers. This does not include the consultation before the treatment or the assessment and planning phase.

The consultation prior to the treatment is so we get to know our patients and take the time to find out their personal needs.

During the assessment and planning phase, we will carry out a detailed analysis of your oral health to ensure we do not need to carry out any additional procedures before fitting the veneers.

Unlike traditional veneer procedures, we ensure all patients see the result on their teeth before treatment starts.

The 3 step treatment plan:

  • Trial smile
  • Bespoke choices and colour visit
  • Fitting visit

How much do veneers cost?

We appreciate that paying for dental treatment can put a strain on finances. To help, we offer our veneers on 0% finance and you can spread the cost of veneers.

Monthly repayments can start from as little as £16 a month for the simplest treatments.

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If done correctly, the experience of getting veneers should not be painful.

Sometimes, if teeth have to be removed for whatever reason before treatment, this can cause discomfort for patients. However, you will be put under local anaesthetic if this has to be the case.

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We understand everybody is different, and so we look forward to welcoming you, and showing you how we do dentistry… “The Bespoke Way”.

Written by Dr. Sam Jethwa
Written by Dr. Sam Jethwa

BDS (Lon) MFDS RCS (Edin) PgDip ClinEd (UK)
Areas of expertise: Smile makeovers using ultra-thin porcelain veneers, smile design to restore worn teeth and advanced full mouth restorative dentistry.

“A perfect, natural, or bespoke smile is possible to achieve for anyone. There is no substitute for the feeling of confidence an individual and beautiful smile can give. We have developed techniques, which we teach to dentists across the UK and abroad, to help them better their care in their clinics. I believe in comprehensively treating every patient, to bring them up to absolute health, and then put in place maintenance to avoid patients from recurrent replacements, and further treatment. It is a passion for me to deliver an unrivalled experience and end result, which stands the test of time”

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