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How did Simon Cowell get his teeth so white?

Perhaps the most famous smile in show-business has seen its fair share of changes over the years. Simon Cowell, known for his scathing comments on many TV talent shows, has been through quite a journey when it comes to finding his perfect smile.

In 2019, he made headlines with some seriously bright-white teeth, with experts estimating the work could have cost the star up to £50,000 over the years. Dr Guy Barwell, a Dental Surgeon at The Implant Centre Hove & Haywards Heath told

“Simon has certainly had veneers, one key tell-tale sign is that in earlier photos his upper right lateral incisor is missing.”

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And then in October 2020, he appeared to have some constructive work done to give a more natural look when recovering from back surgery.

“Simon openly says he reacted to online mocking from the overly white set of teeth. The work done here is significantly better and much more aligned to our ethos at Bespoke Smile – the American dentist who re-did Simon’s veneers used natural curves and a less bright white to create a more authentic smile.”

Dr Sam Jethwa, Vice President of The British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry

The natural look was certainly achieved with the new set of veneers! The new teeth are white, but not opaque white as they were before! His dentist has achieved a much more translucent white, which provides a much more realistic appearance.

He’s also been given natural-looking, small gaps between his teeth (called embrasures) to add to the more realistic and natural feel he requested. The teeth also vary in size as natural teeth do, rather than being straight across the bottom which will give a much faker-looking smile.

Simon’s had his veneers changed a few times over the years, but thankfully Bespoke Smile dental veneers are made by expert ceramists, custom-designed using a unique blend of porcelain, making our veneers consistent for 10–20 years. Our dentists are professionally trained in placing veneers using the right materials and cosmetic treatment options to ensure your new smile is uniform, even and consistently strong.

We find patients who attend less qualified dentists often come to Bespoke Smile to have their veneers redone, which can become expensive due to paying for the work twice, or multiple times over.

If veneers aren’t right for you, we also offer a range of other treatments that can resolve imperfections to bring you the perfect smile you’re looking for. Get an accurate quote today by attending a consultation with one of our reputable, amazing dentists who are specially trained and dedicated to crafting the smile you dream of.

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