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Gum Lift

Last medically reviewed by : August 18, 2021

Gum Contouring Surgery: For Gums That Are Too High or Too Low

Gum Lifts & Contouring: Reduce The Appearance of Gummy Smiles

Do your gums rest too low? Or are they too high on your teeth?

If you are unhappy with your smile, you may qualify as a good candidate for gum contouring surgery. 

Laser gum contouring is a cosmetic dental procedure which is used to fight gums lost to gum recession, gingival infections or gum disease. 

Is gum reshaping right for you? Find out…

What causes uneven gums?

Dental problems can cause one section of the gum to recede, whilst leaving the other section untouched.

This can result in uneven gum lines.

Gum disease like periodontitis also eats away at your gums, causing them to recede and pull away from teeth.

Once your gums have diminished they do not grow back.

Only advanced cosmetic procedures can help prevent further damage and alter the appearance caused by this recession.

Is the surgery necessary?

Gum contouring or gum lifts are cosmetic treatments, which are considered in most instances as not medically necessary.

Our specialist periodontist is highly trained in gum grafting, to replace lost gum, and crown lengthening, to take the gums higher. 

Mainly in the cases of receding gums, will gum surgery likely be necessary in order to preserve the underlying oral foundation and bone structure. 

Surgery, in this case, is necessary in relation to other periodontal procedures such as pocket reduction and regenerative methods. 

Cases considered cosmetic are when the procedures are carried out purely for cosmetic purposes, for example, where overgrown tissue is covering part of your tooth crown. 

The treatment process

perfect uneven gumsThe procedure will be overseen by your cosmetic dentist or periodontist (gum specialist), who will take over to perform the contouring surgery. 

In situations where we treat uneven gums or gummy smiles, the procedure is generally very simple and is performed at our dental office.

Our equipment for the procedure involves lasers to manipulate your gums, depending on your specifications and oral condition, the dentist will advise on which treatment technique will be the most appropriate.

We will show you visually how your new gum line will appear on a digital screen to ensure it is exactly what you hoped for before we proceed.

A local anesthetic will be administered to numb the area – some instances may require some bone at the tooth-root to be removed to achieve a long-lasting effect. 

Learn more about gum contouring.

Gum lift recovery process

When it comes to the day of surgery, you should limit your activities and be as restful as possible.

Following the procedure, it can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks for your gums to fully heal.

Once the procedure has been completed the dentist will be able to provide you with specific instructions to follow in order to aid the recovery process successfully. 

See gum reshaping before and afters.

Gum reshaping costs

Costs for this treatment can really range. Patients can expect to spend anywhere from £50 to over a thousand pound. 

This procedure is also not offered via NHS clinics due to its cosmetic nature. For an accurate quote, book a consultation and speak to one of our dentists today.

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Gum reshaping quick guide: FAQs

  • Is gum reshaping painful? Often reported by patients as painless, we use local anaesthesia to numb the gums whilst we work on your mouth.
  • Do gums grow back after gum contouring? Gums do not grow back – this is a permanent procedure that cannot be reversed.
  • Is gum reshaping permanent? Yes, the procedure is long-lasting, which means patients do not need to feel concerned about their gum tissue affecting their smiles ever again. 

Gum depigmentation: Make your gums look healthy again!

Dark or patchy gums can really affect a patient’s confidence, and whilst dark gums can be caused by genetics and not poor oral health, they can sometimes just be unavoidable. 

Thanks to advances in cosmetic dentistry we are able to offer patients non-invasive procedures, without the need for surgery to make gums pink and healthy-looking again. 

Only using a local anaesthetic, the procedure is straightforward and typically involves no discomfort. Following the treatment gums may feel slightly sore, but this is normal and the area should have healed successfully within a few days. 

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