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cosmetic procedures before and after

Cosmetic Dentistry Case Studies: Before and After Photos

Do you have really bad teeth and want to know your options? Beautiful smile makeovers are The Bespoke Smile’s primary goal. 

Trust us, we know that cosmetic dentistry is a big step! For some, it can be worrying, especially when you cannot envision the end results.

But with us, you will not need to worry about this. 

We will design and map out your smile and frequently check and assess with you if it meets your specifications.

You will even get to try on your new smile before we make anything permanent!

We also know it’s important to know what a dental studio can achieve and offer before you meet and consult with them to makeover your smile, so scroll to see our impressive results!

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Dr Sam Jethwa’s Veneer Transformations

For more veneer before and after results, visit celebrity dentist, Dr Sam Jethwa’s Instagram page for the latest cosmetic fixes.

The go-to practitioner for outstanding results, Sam has been featured in various press features in Hello, The Daily Mail, The BBC and many more

On top of this, Dr Sam is the Director at the British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry and is an international lecturer on veneers – check him at the Bespoke Smile Academy above.

1. Veneers to correct crooked and misalignment issues

Ben, lacking confidence in his smile, always hated how his tooth was so setback as it made him appear as though he was missing a tooth.

As he works in property, he commented on how he felt it was holding him back, which is a common concern we often come across when we treat our patients.

2. Replacement veneers

Patient who wished to remain anonymous had come to our clinic after previously having veneers elsewhere. She had never been fully satisfied but thought that was the best that could be done and had become really unhappy with the way the smile was bending back and was inconsistent in shape, size and colour.

First, we redesigned the patient’s smile, crafting a handmade trial smile so that they could feel confident this time moving forward. From here, we were able to create a newly designed smile that fitted perfectly with her features.

3. Replacing thick and slanted veneers with ultrathins

Liz’s general dentist had tried two times to get her veneers right. This can unfortunately come as often there is no handmade trial smile, or a lack of knowledge of smile design and detail. Sometimes, going for the cheapest option or not opting for a credible dentist.

Fortunately Liz was able to have her veneers replaced and refitted correctly. Prior, Liz was unhappy with the size (they were too big and thick), they stook out and she was unable to close her mouth comfortably.

4. Correcting a narrow overbite with instant orthodontics

Unfortunately, this patient was unable to find the perfect orthodontic solution to her oral condition with any orthodontist. It was under their recommendation that the patient would need to undergo jaw surgery, however, the patient wanted something easier and less disruptive.

When she came to Bespoke Smile we fixed her bite, which relieved the pressure in her neck and shoulder, which was causing her pain for many years. We used ultrathin porcelain veneers and overlays to give her the natural look she desired along with ceramic lower braces to straighten the teeth.

See what we can do for narrow smiles.

5. Removing discolouration and a narrow overbite with veneers

Kay came to us wanting a wider smile that was even and straight. First, we corrected issues around the bite with ceramic braces then applied 10 ultrathin porcelain veneers to create the patient’s desired end result.

Learn about our trial smiles.

1. New top set of teeth for gaps caused by tooth loss

Here, we provide a full upper set of teeth using dental implants. There are lots of ways to do this type of treatment, but the end result will undeniably look the same.⠀

Here, the (hilarious) patient went for a super-thin removable set of teeth on his implants. This final photo was taken about 4 months after he got his teeth, and he absolutely loves his new smile.

full mouth reconstruction

2. Remove black gum lines caused by old crowns

Ugly black lines near the gum are usually caused by the metal in old-style crown’s being on show.

Here, we took the old crown’s off and did some minor treatment to make the gum line level. That, coupled with two veneers was all we needed to put the confidence back in this lovely lady’s smile.

no more black gum lines

3. Full mouth reconstructions to makeover the smile

A full set of teeth on dental implants, but here we used a “softer” looking set of teeth to suit the patient. Some people look just right with square teeth, others suit oval, or triangular.

These are subtle variations that all add up to creating that perfect smile, individual to that one patient.⠀

Most of the time, when we are changing a full smile like this, the goal is to make it look like our patient was born with a really great-looking smile.⠀

Learn more.

full mouth dental implants

4. Cracked and missing teeth: Rebuilding the smile with NO implants

Here, we had to rebuild the smile, but strictly No Dental Implants.⠀

All of this damage is caused by a bite disharmony, and some people respond to these by destroying their teeth.

The good news is that it is possible to rebuild a smile like this: if you have a strategy to level the bite.

In this case, we removed all of the bad teeth and used high-quality porcelain restorations to rebuild the smile.

But to be sure the bite was even, we built everything up in temporary materials first.

Normally we do this for just 2-3 weeks, but in this case, we built up the temporary smile, and then lockdown happened!

3 months later, and the temporary teeth only broke in one place (in the last week!). Not bad, considering they are made from soft plastic!

We fitted the final smile, and the next stage is to do the lower teeth.

rebuilding a smile without implants

5. Faulty implants: Rectifying implants placed abroad

Finishing off someone else’s treatment – most dentists we know would not take on a case like this…

To treat cases in this situation, it’s important to plan from the smile and work backwards to the placement of the dental implants, but we couldn’t do that here.

The mesh on the bottom teeth is an exposed membrane that is supposed to be below the gum. 

This patient had a bone graft, several implants, and sinus lifts done abroad, and now it was time to work on building a great smile.

Luckily the implants were a reputable make, so we bought in the same implants, and placed an additional 4, after cleaning up the mess of the failed bone graft on the lower front bit (the mesh).

We used metal bars, which allow compensation for the less than ideal implant angles (how many times has this saved the day?), and in the end, we got a great looking and healthy smile.

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fixing faulty implants

Cosmetic dentistry cost 

The cost of cosmetic dentistry can vary and can depend on a variety of factors. Unbelievably due to advancements in technology, a lot of cosmetic dentistry is actually affordable and can suit many different budgets.

To view our extensive price list for cosmetic procedures, click here.