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Missing Teeth

Last medically reviewed by : August 25, 2021

solve gaps in your mouth

Durable tooth replacement options for missing teeth

There are so many ways that you can lose a tooth – accidents, sporting injuries, trauma, decay and gum disease.

But there are equally many professional solutions that can replace missing teeth.

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Why should I replace a missing tooth?

If you have lost a tooth, you might not think that it is a problem if you leave it alone.

Tooth loss, however, can lead to a number of problems:

  • The teeth either side of the gap move to a new position, which can cause misalignment, or chewing and grinding problems.
  • Increased risk of oral infection or gum disease
  • Plaque build-up and risk of decay in adjacent teeth
  • A missing tooth can cause a shrink in the jaw bone and receding gums

 Top UK Dentists recommend replacing a missing tooth. Replacing a tooth does not only benefit your oral and dental health but can approve the appearance of your smile.

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Popular tooth loss solutions


Single Implants | Multiple Implants | Full Mouth Reconstruction

before and after of dental implantationA Dental implant is a comfortable, largely pain-free treatment that has both longevity and a high success rate

Despite their price, they are a popular and often recommended solution because implants can last for 25 years.

For a long-lasting and natural way of improving the aesthetic of your teeth, implants are the most ideal option.

A dental implant is a titanium rod which is placed directly into the jawbone. An artificial tooth is fixed on top, which creates a strong and solid structure.

An implant is ideal because it looks, feels and functions very similarly to your natural teeth.

The real value of implants is that they are rock stable, they look great and they solve chewing, eating problems whilst also increase the general aesthetics of your smile leaving patients more confident.

Though the tooth is artificial, it is important to maintain good oral hygiene to ensure a healthy mouth and gums.

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Dental bridges

A dental bridge is more expensive than a denture and is a natural-looking solution to gaps in your smile.

It is a cosmetic solution that replaces a tooth or teeth by being fixed to either one or both teeth either side.

The artificial tooth is itself tooth-coloured so this is a seamless and realistic-looking option for a missing tooth.

Bridges can be made quickly and are fitted through a less invasive surgery than an implant.

They offer a strong replacement tooth replacement which maintains a good bite and a healthy-looking mouth.

There are two types of bridges:

  • Conventional Bridges: A bridge that also covers the teeth on either side with crowns. This type of bridge requires reshaping of the teeth
  • Adhesive Bridges: This bridge does not require any reshaping of the teeth either side, but is stuck to them.

Removable dentures

Removable dentures are the most affordable way to replace several missing teeth.

However, they are not fixed into your mouth and you can be removed at night.

Dentures are the common traditional method of replacing missing teeth, however, they are not as sturdy or as comfortable as fixed options such as dental implants or bridges.

  • Partial dentures will stay in place easier as a metal frame attaches to your remaining natural teeth
  • Full dentures tend to have a plastic base which moves slightly when chewing or speaking.

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